Electro-Voice front and center at Winter NAMM 2009 with five major new product launches

January 26, 2009

Winter NAMM 2009 saw Electro-Voice unveil an array of hot new products, including Tour X loudspeakers, PL Series microphones, Q Series amplifiers, the DC-One loudspeaker controller, and the NetMax N8000-1500 audio processor.Tour X loudspeakers embody the same engineering excellence and aesthetic design found in our world-class touring systems. A range of innovative features and patent-pending designs make Tour X the most exciting loudspeaker series available today.
“Winter NAMM 2009 saw Electro-Voice unveil an array of hot new products”
Tour X: Own The Show.Tour X Wins Music & Sound Retailer Magazine’s “Speaker of the Year“ Award at Winter NAMM 2009!Q Series amplifiers bring our world-tour-proven approach to amp design to a new level of performance, efficiency, and value. With a range of protection features and sonic excellence built into every detail, the Class-H Q Series raises the bar for compact amplification. Tour-Proven EV Power.PL Series microphones. Perfected by our world-class microphone engineers and validated by professional performers and FOH engineers after rigorous R&D, the PL Series features seven vocal models and three instrument models-all boasting exceptional durability, sonic performance, and contemporary styling. Your performance is unique. Mic it wisely. DC-One is the next generation of Electro-Voice signal processing, built upon a DSP heritage proven in thousands of installations and live applications around the world. Want full control? You’ve got it.Proven NetMax technology advances to the next level with the new N8000-1500, at the heart of which is the new DSP-2 engine. Composed of three dual-core processors, the DSP-2 expands the total processing power of the N8000-1500 to 1500 MIPS. NetMax N8000-1500: The most powerful pro audio processor on the market.

Equipment List

Entry-level Dynamic Vocal Microphone

Dynamic Kick Drum & Instrument Microphone

Dynamic Tom, Snare & Instrument Microphone

Condenser Overhead & Instrument Microphone

Premium Dynamic Vocal Microphone

PL Series Live Performance Vocal Microphone

12" Passive Loudspeaker

12" Passive Floor Monitor

15" Passive Loudspeaker

15" Passive Floor Monitor

18" Passive Subwoofer

Dual 15" 2-Way Passive Full-Range Loudspeaker

Dual 18" Passive Subwoofer

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