Electro-Voice sound for Lincoln Bicentennial

February 26, 2009

On Feb. 11, the Prairie Capital Convention Center in Springfield, Ill. played host to a variety of events celebrating the 200th birthday of Abraham Lincoln. Mason Sound of Jacksonville, Ill. provided Electro-Voice audio equipment for the event, with outstanding results. Sam Cooper, Technical Director for the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, comments:

“When the Lincoln Bicentennial Commission contacted me to manage the technical production duties for their celebration, I immediately knew that Mason Sound could provide the perfect solution for our sound needs, and they in turn prescribed Electro-Voice equipment to address the needs of the Convention Center and the Bicentennial Commission.“

“I was thrilled by the opportunity to work with such quality equipment.”

The day’s events started with a short, one-hour play in front of a crowd of nearly 3,500 fifth graders from central Illinois and concluded with an evening performance by the Illinois Symphony Orchestra and 200 choir members. The play featured 19 mic’d actors working on three stages in front of the main stage, and the rider for the evening symphony performance had specific acoustic requirements, so the sound system needed to be flexible enough to handle the vastly different acoustic needs of a theatrical production and a symphony concert.

“I have contracted Mason Sound on numerous occasions,“ says Cooper, “and having worked with them and having developed an appreciation for the sonic abilities of the EV XLC line array and EV TG7 amplifiers, the mix of these two products were my first and only choice for this event. I was thrilled by the opportunity to work with such quality equipment.“

After a site survey with Mike Mason, owner of Mason Sound, it was determined that two hangs of nine boxes, one on each side of the main stage, would sufficiently reinforce the convention center. The only challenge in designing the system was preventing feedback from the 19 mic’d actors on the stage. But using EV’s LAPS line array prediction software, Mason calculated the pinning of the boxes and the height of the hangs to determine that shading the bottom four boxes would prevent any feedback and still offer the front rows plenty of volume.

“When we fired up the system it required very little EQ’ing,“ says Cooper. “And the SPL was incredibly equal throughout the venue. There were no feedback issues of any kind. I have to attribute that to the quality of EV’s XLC boxes and to Mason Sound. I don’t think any other system could have handled that many mics - the XLC performed flawlessly.“

The evening concert with the Illinois Symphony Orchestra played to 4,000 guests, and once again the superlative sonic abilities of the EV TG7 amplifiers and the XLC boxes provided the audience an unmatched performance. The producers, actors, musicians, venue, and the guests were thrilled. It’s great to have that kind of confidence in anything, especially critical audio applications like this.“

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