Davie Kimm

January 1, 2009

Professional Rodeo Announcer Davie Kimm is a proud member of the Electro-Voice family of microphone endorsers. He has been a member of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (P.R.C.A.) since 1991, first as a competitor in saddle bronc riding, and then as a P.R.C.A. announcer in 1999. In that time he has traveled all across the United States and Canada working premier professional rodeo events such as The Black Hills Stock Show Rodeo in Rapid City, SD and the Xtreme Bulls Tour.

Kimm has been using EV gear since he began announcing rodeos in 1997, when his first microphone was an EV BK-1. Now he travels with a RE-2 wireless system with an HTU-2 handheld transmitter with N/D267a capsule. He uses the N/D267a/s with on/off switch for his wired microphone.

“EV definitely shines bright in both areas and has been my first choice for professional grade audio gear!”

“I feel that the two most important features for a traveling event announcer today are ease-of-setup and reliable performance,“ says Kimm. “The ClearScan feature on the RE-2 is, by far, the easiest set up I have ever used on a wireless system and the performance is amazing. The sound quality from the N/D267a capsules on both wireless and wired microphones is phenomenal.“

“I am constantly battling the unyielding punishment of the road and the constant change of weather and that demands good quality and performance,“ he adds. “EV definitely shines bright in both areas and has been my first choice for professional grade audio gear!“

Equipment list (including spares)

(2) RE-2 wireless receivers

(2) HTU-2 Handheld wireless transmitters w/ N/D267a capsules

(4) N/D267a/s wired microphones

Equipment List

Versatile Dynamic Vocal Microphone

RE-2 Bodypack
BPU-2 Bodypack Transmitter

RE-2 Handheld
HTU2 Handheld Transmitter

RE-2 PRO Bodypack
WTU-2 Bodypack Transmitter

RE-2 PRO Handheld
PHTU2 Handheld Transmitter

RE-2 PRO Receiver
RE-2 Professional Receiver w/Rackmount Hardware

RE-2 Receiver
UHF Wireless Microphone Receiver

RE-2 Systems
Packaged RE-2 Wireless Systems

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