EV’ Systems Installed at Potala Palace Square in Tibet Autonomous Republic

August 11, 2005

The Potala Palace in Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) is an acknowledged world cultural heritage site. Potala Palace Square is an important part of this site, not only as a place for cultural and government activities, but also as a destination for domestic and foreign sightseers. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the establishment of TAR, an extension project is being carried out in Potala Palace Square. The Chinese government has invested 0.15 billion RMB in total, and nine enterprises are participating in the project construction, providing broadcasting, civil engineering, landscape architecture, music, and communication equipment for the grand project. Potala Palace Square will extend to 18 hectares after the construction is complete, rejuvenated as a modern, multi-functional square for entertainment, culture, and convention.

The construction at Potala Palace Square is drawing worldwide attention, and expectations are understandably high for the equipment and facilities used in the project. Products from Telex Communications brands EV and Dynacord™ - EV Sx-PIX™ speakers together with Dynacord Promatrix® (ProAnnounce® in the USA) public address systems - are ensuring that those expectations are surpassed when it comes to the audio installation.

“Products from Telex Communications brands EV and Dynacord™ - EV Sx-PIX™ speakers together with Dynacord Promatrix® (ProAnnounce® in the USA) public address systems”

The EV Sx600PIX full range, dual-element vertical line-array speaker can satisfy all the requirements of large-scale outdoor performance and public broadcasting, all in a weatherproof package that holds up against the elements. The Sx600PIX is joined by a number of the equally durable, smaller-format Sx300PIX and Sx80PIX to complete the distributed loudspeaker system. As the TAR prepares to celebrate its anniversary with large outdoor performances and events in the expansive square, the organizers can be assured of clear, even coverage for background music and public announcements via the Sx-PIX and ProMatrix systems.


(16) SX600PIX

(12) SX300PIX

(12) SX80PIX


(1) DPM4000 central unit matrix system processor

(1) NRS90216 input module

(1) NRS90215 2-input paging station module

(1) NRS90218 2-channel output line module

(1) DPC4530 key paging console

(1) DPP4012 power supply

(1) DCS400 mounting frame

(1) DCS401R controller module

(5) DCS408R lines-relay module

(1) DCS409R AF-relay module

(1) DCS412R logic input module

(1) DCS420 monitoring unit

(25) DPA4260 2-channel power amplifier

(1) DRM4000 8x2 rack mixer/router

(1) PM-Software

(1) SW-Message

(1) SW-clock

(1) SW-signal

Equipment List

Weather-Resistant 12" 2-Way Passive Full-Range Loudspeaker

High Output 2-Way Loudspeaker

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