Avon a|s and Electro-Voice: a Norwegian success story

March 30, 2009

Straubing/Trondheim, March 2009 Since its foundation two years ago, Trondheim-based pro audio company avon a|s has been making waves on the Norwegian sound reinforcement scene. The core business of the young company is fixed installation (in venues like clubs and restaurants), but its service portfolio also includes live productions.

Avon’s Edgar Lien, Jo Waatsveen, and Tor Breivik only use sound systems of whose merits they are fully convinced.

“People today want good sound, and with Electro-Voice products we are able to offer the most punch and definition available anywhere on the market.”

“In Norway, you can’t afford to compromise,“ says Lien. “The pro audio scene is very small - everyone knows everyone - so each time out, you have to deliver sound of the highest possible quality. Otherwise your reputation suffers.“

Conversely, if a sound company excels, it will thrive. And since its foundation two years ago, Avon has expanded at a remarkable rate. “Our customers know that we respect them and that they can rely on us,“ explains Lien. “The interests of our customers are paramount; they occupy 100 percent of our efforts, and we do everything possible to delivering the highest quality at a fair price and make sure they are fully satisfied.“

Equipment from Electro-Voice has played an important role in the expansion of Avon - the company has already sold some 180 EV systems, and shows no signs of slowing down. One reason Avon has grown so rapidly is that the pro audio market in Norway is also growing, but what is of greater importance from Avon’s point of view is the increasing sophistication of Norwegian customers and their ability to distinguish between excellence and mediocrity in matters of sound quality and system performance.

“In the past, it was all about price,“ says Lien, “but that’s changed completely in recent years. People today want good sound, and with Electro-Voice products we are able to offer the most punch and definition available anywhere on the market.“

Kultursenterest ISAK in Trondheim, the company’s latest installation, is a perfect example of the quality Avon delivers. Kultursenterest ISAK is a popular venue for live events, but its previous system needed to be replaced.

“The venue needed an upgrade,“ says Lien. “The management weren’t satisfied with their sound, and neither were most of the bands that played there. So we were called in.“

Avon’s installation at Kultursenterest ISAK comprises two Electro-Voice Xi-2123A cabinets, two EV X-Line Xsubs, EV X-Array Xw15A floor-monitors, and a set of EV CPS Series amplifiers to drive the entire system. The club’s management and performers are reportedly delighted with the sound of the new system. For more about Avon a|s, visit www.avonlyd.no

Equipment List

Dual-18“ Subwoofer Element

15" 2-Way Floor Monitor

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