DragonForce shifts into full gear in Japan with EV microphones

April 16, 2009

Months after British power metal band DragonForce sold out their 2008 UK tour, Japan’s largest metal festival, “Loud Park ’08,“ reached its admission limit when the band took the festival stage. Long-time Electro-Voice wired and wireless microphone endorsers, DragonForce continues to generate buzz around the world and came to Japan with their latest album, “Ultra Beatdown,“ for a six-city, 10-day tour.

DragonForce has remained king of the power metal mountain since the band’s inception in 1999 and on Feb. 8, 2009 at the 51st Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, DragonForce was nominated for best metal performance, cementing the band’s name and legacy for generations to come. Electro-Voice had a chance to speak with DragonForce drummer Dave Mackintosh and FOH Engineer Bruce Reiter before the band’s live show in Tokyo:

“Our EV mics sound absolutely fabulous.”
EVI: How has your tour been so far?

Dave: The tour has been very good, very good. We love Japan in many ways and it’s always a pleasure to be here. We’re getting more and more popular, and the shows are doing very well. It’s always good fun to be in Japan. It’s going very well. I’m looking forward to tonight. Lots of people are coming!

EVI: Who chose the microphones for your drums?

Dave: That will be Bruce Reiter, he’s our FOH guy and I always trust Bruce. He uses EV microphones pretty extensively and he’s always been with us, and when my drum kit is being checked I sometimes sneak into the house to have a listen and it always sounds absolutely fantastic. Good choice, Bruce.

EVI: Then can I ask you a question, Bruce? What prompted you to choose EV microphones?

Bruce: Many years ago, Big Mick Hughes - who mixes Metallica - had an Electro-Voice N/D408 on his toms and the snares (predecessor of the N/D468), and I had never heard anything sound so amazing, so that’s how I first came to EV. They sound great, fantastic. They sound really natural, too. They pick up only the drum in the front of it and they won’t pick up any ambient noise. I always come back to N/D microphones.

EVI: What do you think about your sound through EV?

Dave: Oh, it’s great. I’ve always thought it is a very rich sound. Most of all, it’s very punchy and very accurate. There’s no real color in the band’s sound, but it does tend to pick up a lot of the punch, which is very good for me. We play pretty fast, so our sound needs to be accurate and punchy anyway. Our EV mics sound absolutely fabulous.

EVI: Would you like to give your Japanese fans a message?

Dave: Yes! Thanks for coming to our shows! And if you haven’t gotten out to one of the shows, come see us next time. You hear some absolutely fantastic sound from all the mics. Come say hello!

DragonForce’s “Ultra Beatdown Tour“ will be traveling Southeast Asia and North America. For more information, visit the band’s official Web site at www.dragonforce.com Equipment List

PL37 (Ride)

PL37 (Hi-Hat)

N/D468 (Tom 1)

N/D468 (Tom 2)

N/D468 (Tom 3)

N/D468 (Tom 4)

N/D468 (Tom 5)

PL37 (Overhead SR)

PL37 (Overhead SL)

N/D468 (Snare Top)

N/D468 (Snare Bottom)

Photographer: Moto Izawa / Yoshiaki YamaguchiWriter: Noriko Watanabe

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