EV’ XLC™ & P-RL™ Amplifiers used at Canadian Grey Cup Halftime Show
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EV’ XLC™ & P-RL™ Amplifiers used at Canadian Grey Cup Halftime Show

December 13th, 2004

Ottawa-based Wall Sound & Lighting (www.wallsound-lighting.com) provided sound reinforcement for the half-time show at the nationally televised event, which featured one of Canada’s most beloved bands, The Tragically Hip. The system included multiple EV XLC™ compact line array loudspeakers, EV RL-Series™ remote-control DSP amplifiers, Midas Heritage 3000™ mixing consoles, and Klark Teknik HELIX™ digital equalization.

LaMarche continued: “Needless to say, there’s no room for error at an event of this scale, under these time constraints. We trust the equipment we use, and this system performed as well in these circumstances as it has in any other of the many large events we’ve used it for. This is why you see these brand names on our equipment lists time after time - they epitomize reliability and performance in pro audio. The XLC is a great box - so versatile. It might work across a wider range of applications than any other loudspeaker we have. As for the Midas consoles? Quite simply, nothing sounds as good or is as reliable as the H3K. The amount more time saved by using the new P-RL remote control amps is in direct proportion to the new features they offer - greater signal control and load monitoring means greater system confidence, all accessed from a laptop. They’re an amazing addition to the P-Series, which is already renowned for reliability. On top of using the best gear for the job, my system techs J-F Meloche, Larry Armstrong and Claude Faucon repeatedly rehearsed the setup for the PA, video carts and stage with the 60 stagehands hired to make the transitions as quick and seamless as possible. Everybody involved in the production thought the band sounded amazing and the coverage was great. And, most importantly, there were no compromises in sound quality in spite of the quick turnaround.“


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