State-of-the-art EV sound system for Dutch theater
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State-of-the-art EV sound system for Dutch theater

September 9th, 2009

The De Flint Theater in Amersfoort, Holland has chosen an XLD Electro-Voice line array system with NetMax DSP/IRIS-Net software control & supervision, placing it in the forefront of audio technology in the Netherlands. The system combines exceptional coverage and intelligibility with the most intuitive control platform available today.

De Flint formed a project team to aid in the decision making process of upgrading their audio system. Their main concern was to find a system that would deliver excellent audio quality to all areas of the theatre. The team consulted theatre management, technicians and product users for advice on choosing the right system. Several leading competitors presented their systems to the team and they were particularly impressed with the dynamic headroom, sonic performance and rider friendliness of the Electro-Voice system presented by E-audio benelux.

Klaas Spoelstra (Chief TD) notes the simplicity and versatility of the system: “the EV system is so easy to use - you don’t need to tweak it each and every time a visiting act demands a different sonic balance. That’s what we searched for and found in EV“

Axel Nagtegaal (MD of E-audio) believes De Flint’s selection of Electro-Voice was a step in the right direction: “Slowly but surely the Dutch theatre market is discovering the high quality of Electro-Voice systems; leading audio consultants are taking notice of EV in theatres because of its audio quality in combination with our specific approach to DSP and control. It took us many years to break through the circle of brand blindness in the theatre market,but I strongly believe that EV is fast becoming the brand to have. That being said, we are ready to support each and every client as they were our first one.“

EV equipment list:

Main floor:

12x XLD281 hanging (6 per side) in special designed portable racks

2x Xsubs


2x XCS312 cardioid sub (1 per side)

8x XLD281 (4 per side)

Center cluster:

6x XLE181 (biamped)


1x N8000 Netmax (with FIR-drive, for system drive and control)

1x N8000 Netmax (with FIR-drive, for surround sound drive)

4x CPS 4.10 (4 channel class D amp)

4x CPS 2.9 (2 channel class H amp)

1x CPS 2.12 (2 channel class H amp)

1x CPS 8.5 (8 channel class D amp

1x CPS 4.5 (4 channel class D amp)

11x RCM-810 (IRIS-Net card for CPS amps)


1x Telex MS-2002 system complementing a Telex BTR-800 system