EV’ Zx5™ & Sx600Pi™ Provide Outdoor Sound Solutions at Furman University
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EV’ Zx5™ & Sx600Pi™ Provide Outdoor Sound Solutions at Furman University

July 15th, 2005

Audio Solutions, Inc. President Alan Simonton reported:

“Furman University puts on a summer concert series in their outdoor amphitheater, which is by a large lake. They needed better coverage for the audience area, which extends beyond the main seating area to around the banks of the lake. It’s a very picturesque spot. Two clusters of two ZX5s are flown from the stage roof as mains at left and right, and, in combination with the six Sx600PI dual-element line arrays mounted in the bell tower in front of the amphitheater, the audience can hear things clearly wherever they are sitting.“

Sx600PI: The outdoor speaker solution

“The Sx600PIs were designed for outdoor applications like this, where adequate coverage, throw and intelligibility are an issue,“ Simonton added. “We brought along a demo set for the college, and it was clear that the Sx600 was the speaker they needed to help enhance the whole concert experience. Add to that the fact that these are weather-resistant boxes (the ’PI’ designation), and you can add durability to the list of advantages they offer. We custom-designed some hinged brackets in order to swing the Sx600s out into the window spaces in the tower, allowing precise aiming from a tricky spot.“

ZX5: The world’s most versatile loudspeaker

Simonton continued: “This was the first time we used the ZX5, and I’m very pleased with the results. EV has crammed some seriously high performance new components into these boxes. They really are amazingly powerful in proportion to their size and weight, and their rigging hardware and molded enclosure makes them as tough as they are versatile. There’s nothing else out there that can match this level of precise coverage and performance in such a tidy package. Along with the EV speakers, we’re running a Midas Venice 320 at FOH. The console is operated by the college’s auditorium staff - they really like its balance of warm sound quality and user-friendliness. We got very positive feedback from the college right after the first event - we were there to hear the system for ourselves, and the sound was crisp and even everywhere there were people gathered. By selecting application-specific solutions from EV, we installed a system that is visually very unobtrusive, yet fills the designated space with sound that isn’t struggling against the outdoor setting.“



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