Bosch Communications Announces DC-One Editor V1.3.1
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Bosch Communications Announces DC-One Editor V1.3.1

March 3rd, 2010

Bosch Communications Systems is pleased to announce the release of the DC-One Editor Software V1.3.1

The DC-One continues to set the standard for cost effective, high performance digital audio processing, offering features and functionality unrivaled by competitive products. The DC-One Editor V1.3.1 software release offers a variety of improvements and enhancements to the robust and unique PC based control and configuration software.

Among the additions and enhancements in the V1.3.1 release are:

- Improved bode plot rendering for DSP screens

- Improved security functions, including enhancements to lockout screens and GEQ- hiding options

- Firmware updating retains existing User Presets

- Additional warning dialogs when recalling presets

- Real-time GUI updates when toggling Edit/Compare modes

- Optional output meter scaling, allowing an option to scale the displayed values by factors or 1, 2 or 3

- Additional amplifier models added to Limiter tables

- Other enhancements and improvements

Please see the Read Me file for a complete list of changes and updates and updating instructions.

DC-One Editor V1.3.1 software is available for free download from the Electro-Voice website.

Minimum System Requirements:

PC with

- Pentium IV with 1.2 GHz or Higher is recommended

- Microsoft Window XP Service pack 2 or Vista (32-bit only)

- 256 MB RAM

- Hard Disk with available storage of 250 MB

- Graphics Card, High color (16 bit)

- Mouse

- Keyboard

- One USB port (Host)

- Microsoft .Net 2.0 Framework


Intel-based Apple computers are only supported when running the specified Windows OS natively under Boot Camp. Virtualization, such as that offered by VMware or Parallels, is not officially supported.