Electro-Voice sound system for hot new Japanese club
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Electro-Voice sound system for hot new Japanese club

March 9th, 2010

An Electro-Voice PA system featuring Phoenix and Tour X series loudspeakers was recently installed in The Garden, a new live music club in Shimokitazawa, Japan, operated by Tin Pan Alley Co., Ltd. This dynamic city is known as a hub for trendy culture and high fashion, and The Garden sought the finest sound reinforcement to compliment the unique concert experience it creates for its stylish patrons.

The Garden’s staging setup is wide and relatively shallow, allowing fans a closer, more intimate vantage point of the artists. The club’s technical advisor specified 10 Phoenix series PX1152Ms and four PX2181s, with two ZX1-90s as fills. Eight TX1152Ms from the Tour X family and two ZX3s served as monitors. Amplifiers from the CP series provide an ideal combination of headroom and audio quality; a DC-One processor is used to control the system.

Boasting the largest club capacity in the area, the facility also features a RagTag designer goods boutique on the same premises. A sold-out performance from Cro-Magnons kicked off the grand opening of the venue and boutique. General Manager Mr. Okada comments:

“We try to get the audience as close as possible to the artists, creating as much excitement as possible for the fans, and with the best sound quality possible. I was glad to receive very positive feedback from both the audience and the performers, letting us know we’ve achieved our objectives. We’re very excited for the future of the club and we’re pleased to know there’s a buzz on the street and internet.”

Equipment List:

10X PX1152M loudspeakers

4X PX2181 loudspeakers

8X TX1152M floor monitors

2X ZX1-90 loudspeakers

2X ZX3 loudspeakers (used as floor monitors)

7X CPS4000S amplifiers

8X CPS3000S amplifiers

1X DC-One loudspeaker processor

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