Slovenian school theatre with Electro-Voice
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Slovenian school theatre with Electro-Voice

March 17th, 2010

Maribor / Straubing, March 2010 – The Amphitheatre of Gymnasium II in Maribor underwent a comprehensive renovation last year. The new concept drawn up by the governing body of the school put great emphasis on obtaining the finest acoustics and sound reinforcement system possible. The English Student Theatre, which is attached to the institution, has been among the most popular and best loved school theatres in all Slovenia for over twenty years. Every performance scheduled for 2010, which includes eight musicals for example, has already been sold out.

David Jarc-Sonny, the theatre’s Sound Designer, worked with Marijan Koleznik, MD of the Slovenian Electro-Voice partner Prostt d.o.o., to develop a sound concept designed to satisfy the various stipulations. In the foreground are 28 Electro-Voice RE2 wireless microphones, the IRIS-Net integrated software platform and a variety of Electro-Voice loudspeaker systems; the ideal set-up, as the first performances have confirmed: “With 28 RE2 systems, we may have the largest RE2 installation to be found anywhere in the world,” says Jarc-Sonny – proudly. They initially purchased two systems; then another 16; before finally investing in wireless RE2 systems for the remaining 10 singers in the young ensemble. “Other sound technicians tried to warn us off, saying that working with 28 wireless microphones in parallel was playing with fire,” remembers Jarc-Sonny, “but everything functions perfectly: clean sound and no dropouts – even with 28 teenagers on stage at the same time!”

The same individual approach was adopted when it came to the loudspeaker installation, which was carefully tailored to the acoustics of the venue: two Electro-Voice Xi2123 loudspeakers supported by two Electro-Voice Xsubs serve the FOH, with four EV SL8.2 providing surround (linear arrays); further SL8.2 pairs cover the entrance hall and the first rows of seats. “We had already used the Xi2123 in a variety of installations,” states Koleznik, ”notably the theatre in Ptuj, the concert hall in Stuk and a club complex in Ravne. In each case, the clients were totally satisfied. For me, it’s an enclosure that’s perfect for venues with audience capacities around the 500 mark.”

FOH Engineer Matic Blaznik is of the same opinion. “The sound is consistently clear and precise. The dynamic range covered extends from 90 dB to 120 dB and yet the response is invariably linear and the system stable. It’s really quite astonishing!” Equally enthusiastic are the young performers themselves – with the monitor installation, in which six EV SxA 360, four EV SxA250 and two EV SbA speaker systems provide fully professional foldback on stage.

Equipment installed in the English Student Theatre, Gymnasium II, Maribor

Passive Loudspeakers:

· 2 x Electro-Voice Xi2123,

· 2 x Electro-Voice Xsub,

· 6 x Electro-Voice SL8.2,

· 2 x Electro-Voice Sx100+.


· 1 x Electro-Voice CP4000S,

· 2 x Electro-Voice CP2200,

· 1 x Electro-Voice Q66,

· 3 x Electro-Voice Q44 MkII.

Active Loudspeakers:

· 6 x Electro-Voice SxA360,

· 4 x Electro-Voice SxA250,

· 2 x Electro-Voice SbA 760.


· 1 x Electro-Voice NetMax N8000,

· 2 x Electro-Voice AI-1,

· 2 x Electro-Voice AO-1,

· 1 x Electro-Voice DC-One,

· 1 x Electro-Voice AC-One.

Wireless microphone systems:

· 28 x Electro-Voice RE2 receiver

· 6 x Electro-Voice APD4+,

· 4 x Electro-Voice LPA500.

· 28 x Electro-Voice HM7 (with body-pack transmitters)

· 3 x Electro-Voice RE-97TX,

· 2 x Electro-Voice N/D 767,

· 2 x Electro-Voice OLM10.

Wired microphones:

· 1 x Electro-Voice PLDK7

· 2 x Electro-Voice PL37,

· 1 x Electro-Voice PL44,

· 1 x Electro-Voice PL80a,

· 1 x Electro-Voice PL80c,

· 3 x Electro-Voice Co4,

· 2 x Electro-Voice Co9,

· 5 x Electro-Voice RE90H