SIR (Studio Instrument Rentals) adds an Electro-Voice XLD line array loudspeaker system
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SIR (Studio Instrument Rentals) adds an Electro-Voice XLD line array loudspeaker system

March 24th, 2010

Backline rental and entertainment services industry leaders SIR (Studio Instrument Rentals) recently added an Electro-Voice XLD line array loudspeaker system to the pro audio inventory at their New York office.

Comprising 16 XLD281 full-range elements and four Xsubs, all powered by six Tour Grade TG7 amplifiers equipped with RCM-26 DSP modules for IRIS-Net remote control and supervision, the system offers an unmatched combination of compact size and high output, along with the widest range of rigging options in its class.

“Our XLD system will typically be used to address one to two thousand people in rooms of various shapes and sizes,” says Baker Lee, Audio Production Manager at SIR New York, “so flexibility was a main consideration, along with size and sound quality. We invested in a range of accessories – dollies, fly bars, ground-stack kits, etc. – so we can fly, stack or lift the arrays securely, whatever the venue, and achieve consistently excellent results.”

SIR’s new system made its debut at a party held in their own fully equipped event space – a wide room of approximately 100’ by 100’ – and they were pleased with the results. “This is similar to the kind of ballroom-sized venues in which the system will often be used,” Lee explains. “We flew the arrays from two columns on either side of the stage along one side of the room; when we walked the room we didn’t lose any coverage at all. The 120° horn helps us cover these kinds of venues while keeping hardware to a minimum. The XLD has been a solid investment in terms of adapting to our different day-to-day projects, and above all it sounds great – we’re very pleased.”