UK’s Event Engineering orders third installment of Electro-Voice Tour X
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UK’s Event Engineering orders third installment of Electro-Voice Tour X

October 12th, 2010

For the third time in 18 months, UK production company Event Engineering has expanded its inventory of Electro-Voice Tour X loudspeakers, citing their versatility and cost-effective performance as just two reasons to keep coming back.

When UK Electro-Voice subsidiary Shuttlesound first supplied Tour X to the Loughborough-based rental company in March, 2009, it was one of the first customers in the UK to purchase the new enclosures. “EV’s Tour X appealed to us for a theatre show we were doing at the Brighton Fringe Festival, and we made an initial investment of a stack a side,” recalls Event Engineering’s Mark Thornton.

The price-to-performance ratio of Tour X (“which is also very loud,” adds Thornton) proved an attractive rental proposition, with the system paying for itself quite quickly by being such an all-rounder. “Small corporate awards, conferences, outdoor concerts, even the new Vintage at Goodwood cultural festival…Tour X has proved so versatile that we’ve doubled our inventory, adding 12” wedges and 18” subs to build a system for even larger events.”

Tour X is a unique and highly-functional package incorporating design features taken from EV’s many years of experience in designing transducers and loudspeaker systems for high-quality concert touring applications. The TX1122, TX1152, and TX2152 are multipurpose full-range loudspeakers equally suited for portable and fixed installation applications, with low-frequency reinforcement supplied by the TX1181 and TX2181 subwoofers.

Thornton has also added 16x EV ZX1 compact cabinets to the package: “the ZX1s on poles on top of single subs are an ideal portable high-output PA.” And, to this end, he has just bought new TX1181 subs.

Thornton continues: “We actively chose not to buy a line array but to go for the flexibility of a traditional system, which we can use for a lot more events. The remarkable thing about Tour X is that the same components will take you from a compact band rig to an outdoor system for a festival, handling all your conference work on the way.”

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