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GWAR on tour with EV’ microphones

December 10th, 2004


GWAR frontman Oderus Urungus grasps an RE1™ handheld with 767a™ head. The handheld unit is taped white so it remains visible amongst the props, puppetry, gore and general madness ensuing on stage…

Minneapolis, MN (November 19th, 2004): EV microphone endorsers GWAR (God What an Awful Racket), the world’s preeminent exponents of gut-wrenching thrash metal and gut-turning stage shows, is submitting its EV mics to the same deluge of machine-washable blood, guts and gore as the audiences on their current North American tour.

GWAR performed a sold-out show at the newly reopened First Avenue in Minneapolis on November 19th, disgorging gallons of stage blood into the manic crowd, and quite a few pints onto their EV mics. To say that a GWAR tour is a road test for EV mics’ durability and performance under pressure is something of an understatement. GWAR create such a chaotic mess onstage that lead vocalist Oderus Urungus (his alien warrior name, by the way) requires his RE1 handheld wireless with 767a element to be wrapped in white tape and capped with foam. Why? The usual reasons: one, so the mic can be easily located, and two, so it stays protected against the mock gore that gushes out of the various media personality likenesses eviscerated on stage. Not exactly fun for all the family, but at least things sounded nice…

Though the show is sick and twisted to the point of distraction, underneath the cartoon alien costumes and makeup GWAR is a fine thrash metal band, and one can only admire the professionalism of the members (and their cast of servile stagehands) for performing at such a high level of musicality amidst such a high level of onstage insanity. Indeed, even Oderus himself declared to the crowd in his menacing b-movie growl: “Some people have said that GWAR is getting a little silly…“ Maybe. One thing is clear, after well over a decade on the road, GWAR are still having as much fun as their fans. FOH engineer Jeremy Smith - also based out of GWAR’s hometown of Richmond, VA, is responsible for keeping tight reigns on the mix. The current GWAR tour is particularly grueling - 10 straight dates after the Minneapolis show before a break - and Jeremy needs his mics to deliver the goods night after night. He described why GWAR’s lead vocal wireless is one of the hardest working mics out there:

“In terms of live vocals, EV wireless mics work best due to their famous durability and features like Advanced ClearScan™ automatic channel selection, which saves time and ensures optimum sound quality and clarity. One push of a button finds me the clearest channel with the cleanest sound. That’s all great, but this particular vocal mic is put right into the eye of the storm onstage with GWAR. It gets beaten up and covered in blood, but it always works. The 767a head sounds fantastic, and has proven remarkably gore-proof where other mics have failed. I really can’t think of a more demanding test for a wireless mic than being out on the road with a band like this, taking this kind of punishment every night, with hardly a break on the schedule. We rely on EV to get the job done, and they haven’t let us down.“


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