Barowski AG relies on Electro-Voice for mass rally of the DGB
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Barowski AG relies on Electro-Voice for mass rally of the DGB

February 8th, 2011

-- Over 30,000 trade unionists attended a DGB rally in Nuremberg in mid November

-- Barowski AG was responsible for the sound reinforcement

-- The company relied on Electro-Voice systems including XLD281 and Xsub enclosures and CPS3000S amplifiers

The DGB rally on the 13th of November 2010 was the largest gathering organized by the Confederation of German Trade Unions in more than 30 years: over 30,000 trade unionists and sympathizers attended the event in Nuremberg's Corn Market and adjacent areas, making by their presence a powerful political statement. The speakers included Matthias Jena, Chairman of the Bavarian DGB, and Dr. Dorothea Deneke-Stoll, President of the Bavarian Synod of the Evangelical Church. The programme was rounded off by artistic performances of various kinds, including live music.

To ensure the demonstrators, who had travelled from all over Bavaria to attend the event, were able to hear the speeches without any difficulty, the organizers engaged the team from Barowski AG to handle the sound reinforcement. Theirs is a company with a great deal of experience in the handling of major events, and this experience stood them in good stead when, at the last minute, the attendance estimates were drastically upscaled. "Originally, the DGB organizers were expecting some 15,000 people to attend the rally, but two days before the event was due to take place, they upped the estimate to 30,000," remembers Barowski AG supremo Michael Barowski. "This posed an enormous challenge not only to the organizers themselves but also to us as sound reinforcement providers, since the topography of the venue was far from conducive to homogeneous coverage and intelligibility."

Two open spaces adjacent to the Corn Market had been annexed to accommodate the overspill, but providing sound reinforcement for these areas was an extremely awkward task as, explains Barowski, "They formed a narrow strip some 350 meters long". Strong gusts of wind delaying the setting-up operation and a storm warning issued by the meteorological office in advance of the event added further twists. Fortunately, however, the team from Barowski AG had conducted careful simulations beforehand, so the tension didn’t get to them. "We were well prepared," reports company head Michael Barowski, "so everything ran smoothly."

To provide even coverage for the 10,000-square-meter venue, the sound reinforcement team opted primarily for compact line array systems from the Electro-Voice XLD range. The main PA was made up of thirty-two XLD281 enclosures, underpinned by six Electro-Voice Xsub subwoofers and four Electro-Voice ZX1 loudspeakers. In all, four delay lines were needed to reach the areas furthest removed from the stage: the first two comprised four Electro-Voice Xi-2123A/106F cabinets, whilst delay lines three and four -- the latter being 260 meters from the stage -- were served by two DYNACORD Cobra Fars and four DYNACORD Cobra Tops. The entire system was driven by fourteen Electro-Voice CP3000S and eight Electro-Voice CP4000S power amplifiers.

"The organizers were extremely pleased with our production," reports Michael Barowski, "praising in particular our swift response to the upscaling of the attendance estimates, our flawless execution of the sound reinforcement concept, the evenness of the coverage, and the excellent level of intelligibility."

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Equipment list for the DGB rally in Nuremberg 13th Nov 2010 (extract):

Main Stage

32 x Electro-Voice XLD281

6 x Electro-Voice Xsub

4 x Electro-Voice ZX1

Delay lines

4 x Electro-Voice Xi-2123A/106F

2 x DYNACORD Cobra Far

4 x DYNACORD Cobra Top


14 x Electro-Voice CP3000S

8 x Electro-Voice CP4000 S

snapshot, gm, January 2011

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