Australia's Frank Sinatra - Tom Burlinson
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Australia's Frank Sinatra - Tom Burlinson

December 16th, 2011

You can call him Australia’s Frank Sinatra as his voice bears a remarkable uncanny resemblance to the late musical talent. Tom Burlinson who has been a Sinatra fan from young sang the voice of the young Frank Sinatra in the Warner Brothers mini-series ‘Sinatra’ in 1991.

This marked his first professional singing engagement. His illustrious career has since stretched from acting and singing to becoming a television host and theatrical producer. Burlinson was highly impressed with the EV REV-H microphone when he first saw it at one of his recent concerts.

He said:“I thought WOW this microphone would certainly fit with the look and feel of my show. Burlinson tested the microphone during his show and was convinced by its performance. He said:“ Ultimately, what started with aesthetic appeal, has evolved into a performance must - this microphone accompanies me to all my performances. I find that when I enter a venue and I have my own microphone, the sound engineer takes a professional approach to my show because of the quality equipment I carry with me.“

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