Live 8: The Greatest Spectacle in Rock History Heard around the World with EV
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Live 8: The Greatest Spectacle in Rock History Heard around the World with EV

July 12th, 2005

Two million rock fans flocked to the Live 8 concerts in London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Philadelphia, Barrie, Tokyo, Johannesburg, and Moscow, while well over two billion followed the shows on TV. This made the African benefit, organized by Sir Bob Geldof, the greatest rock spectacle of all time.

Center stage was London’s Hyde Park, where acts like U2, Madonna and Paul McCartney had the ears of rock fans around the world. A highpoint of the London show was a performance by the classic Pink Floyd lineup, reunited onstage for the first time in 24 years. Technically, too, it was the London show that set the pace. In both public and press opinion, the sound was transparent and powerful, despite the vast audience, and changeovers between sets were performed seamlessly. Production perfection!

Much of the credit for this success must go to London-based Britannia Row Productions. Brit Row made sure that nothing was lost in translation from sound to signal and signal to sound, relying on the high performance and reliability of equipment from Electro-Voice to get the job done. In addition to a large Electro-Voice X-Line™ line-array system, Brit Row used EV XLC™ compact line-arrays, and over 200 EV P3000RL™ remote-control DSP amps run with EV IRIS™ software. Brit Row Managing Director Bryan Grant reported: “The X-Line system performed flawlessly; I’ve never had so many positive comments about the sound quality, especially in such a huge space.“ Josef Taffner heads the power amplifier development team at Telex Communications’ European wing EVI Audio. Taffner was in attendance at the London event, and agreed: “Everything went like clockwork: There wasn’t the slightest technical problem, and the sound was absolutely outstanding.“

The Berlin event also exceeded all expectations. Instead of the estimated 100,000 fans, well over 200,000 turned up in Berliner Strasse and the adjacent Tiergarten for a show produced by the Marek Lieberberg concert agency that combined national and international acts like Herbert Grönemeyer, Roxy Music, Reamonn, die Toten Hosen, Green Day and Brian Wilson. In Berlin the sound production company Sonic Sound also relied on systems from EVI Audio including Electro-Voice PAs, Midas mixing consoles and Klark Teknik splitters.

The equipment used at the Berlin Live 8 concert included the following:

Main Stage:

(28) EV X-Line Xvls

(4) EV X-Line Xvlt

(32) EV X-Line X-Sub

(80) EV P3000RL

(11) XTA DP 226

Delay towers:

(72) EV XLC 127+

(40) EV X-Line Xvls

(10) EV X-Line Xvlt

(40) EV X-Line X-Sub

(48) XLC 118 Sub


(2) Midas Heritage 2000


(2) Midas XL4

(2) Midas Heritage 3000

Klark Teknik DN1248 Plus active mic splitters (120 channels)

Visit Britannia Row Productions at:


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