Powering-up the sound system at the Whitlam Theatre, Australia
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Powering-up the sound system at the Whitlam Theatre, Australia

June 21st, 2012

The Revesby Worker's Club was founded in 1962 and has been an integral part of the community since its inception. Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2012, the club is known as a premiere entertainment and lifestyle destination, conveniently located just off the M5 in Sydney, Australia. Hosting a number of leading local and international acts, the club's Whitlam Theatre is one of the largest entertainment spaces in its region, holding up to 1,600.

The club requested sound system design proposals focused on providing more consistent coverage, volume, and frequency response in their main theatre space. The challenge for this install was to replace the multi-box point-source system with a line-array system. With the age of the venue, rigging options in the ceiling were limited, so a ground support system was engineered instead.

The club decided on an Electro-Voice system design by AV Integrators Saltec, as it promised to deliver the best results for the room at a reasonable cost. The new system also supported some of the existing Electro-Voice inventory.

The main PA hang comprises six XLC 127 DVX 90-degree boxes and two XLC 127 DVX 120-degree boxes per side, with two Xsubs per side (mounted below the stage).

Four Dynacord VL 262 boxes serve as fills, with two mounted on the inside of the proscenium and two brought out and placed on the stage lip, if and when required. Delay consists of four EV ZX1i 90W which are mounted above the balcony. Drive for the main array is through nine Dynacord H5000 amplifiers loaded with RCM-26 DSP cards. The bottom two 120-degree XLC boxes are shaded 6 db to smooth out the near field. Two Dynacord H5000 amplifiers, again with RCM-26 DSP cards, drive the subs. A Dynacord H2500 with an RCM-26 drives with fills, whilst another drives the delays.

The club introduced the new sound system to an audience of 1,000 at a seniors concert featuring Neil Hanson. After the concert had concluded, the duty manager commented that for the first time they had not received a single complaint from any member in the audience.

With the big sound the new system provides, Revesby Worker's Club looks forward to welcoming more local and international acts to their venue.

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