Electro-Voice and DYNACORD present the LML-1 module for the supervision of Hi-Z loudspeaker lines
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Electro-Voice and DYNACORD present the LML-1 module for the supervision of Hi-Z loudspeaker lines

January 30th, 2013

  • Electro-Voice and DYNACORD launch the LML-1 module
  • The LML-1 allows the real-time monitoring of high-impedance (Hi-Z) loudspeaker lines by multichannel amplifiers
  • Basic supervision of high- and low-impedance sound reinforcement systems in large installations

Straubing, January 2013 An increasing number of modern sound reinforcement systems require real-time monitoring of the loudspeaker lines. This is especially true in the context of evacuation systems, in which long loudspeaker circuits comprising many smaller, high-impedance boxes are often required. The Electro-Voice CPS series and DYNACORD DSA series multichannel amplifiers already provide 100-volt-line direct drive operation for these types of loudspeaker circuits but in the past supervision of such Hi-Z lines was not practical due to the high impedance characteristics of the load.

The LML-1 (Loudspeaker Measuring Load) allows the real-time monitoring of loudspeaker lines in Hi-Z sound reinforcement systems. With the LML-1 module, it is now possible, even in large installations – such as those in stadiums or shopping centers – for smaller 100-volt loudspeakers, in entrance areas, lobbies or passageways, to be driven by multichannel amplifiers from Electro-Voice or DYNACORD and supervised using IRIS-Net software. This combination now offers basic supervision of loudspeaker lines in 100-volt direct drive operation within an overall project featuring both pro sound and commercial sound components.

The LML-1 is connected to the end of the loudspeaker line and powered using an inaudible pilot tone to provide a stable load condition. This load can then be reliably measured using the existing load supervision functions of the Electro-Voice CPS and DYNACORD DSA series amplifiers. The LML-1 is supplied in quantities of four pieces.






snapshot, nb/gm, January 2013