Budding band “Four Of Us” from Indonesia emerges as third winner of “Be Electro-Voiced” contest
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Budding band “Four Of Us” from Indonesia emerges as third winner of “Be Electro-Voiced” contest

February 6th, 2013

Singapore, February 5, 2013: Electro-Voice is pleased to announce the third winner for the “Be Electro-Voiced” contest for the period of Nov – Dec 2012.

Electro-Voice and Pro Audio Asia would like to congratulate “Four Of Us” from Indonesia, for being the third winner of the "Be Electro-Voiced" contest for the period of Nov – Dec 2012.

“Four Of Us” consists of four members, Yonathan, Bramestyo, Fajri and Ryo. The four members play a pivotal role with each of the unique talents they possess. Even though “Four Of Us” is a young band, all its members have been active in the music industry for at least 3 years, and they have performed as the resident band of a few cafés, on radio stations and TV shows.

Yonathan, 24, is the vocalist of the band who started his singing career way back at the young age of 10. He is also a big fan of Electro-Voice and was the one who got his band to compete in the Be Electro-Voiced competition.

Bramestyo, 23, is the guitarist who excels in his own style of folk, jazzy and soul-full music.

Fajri, 22, plays the drums and was recognized with high potentials by his music teachers which led to him being invited to join tours with several artists.

Ryo, 25, plays the bass for the band. It started out as a hobby for him before being invited by his friends to become a session bass player for several bands in town before making “Four Of Us”.

“I honestly didn't expect that “Four Of Us” could win. But I am really proud of it. I hope in the future that'll be a lot of competition like this, with more variation; for example for a guitar player like me. I really hope that EV continues to build great products, so that musicians all over the world can make good music with them." – Bramestyo, guitarist, “Four Of Us”

EV is still looking for three more young singers or bands to showcase their performances, judged by EV panel of judges on Facebook. Contestants just need to upload a short video of their performances onto the Facebook page. The winners, announced once every two months, will be endorsed by EV and receive a professional EV microphone. They will also stand a chance to win the grand prize of an EV Loudspeaker System.

Visit the “Be Electro-Voiced” contest page for more details.

To view “Four Of Us”' video, click here!




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