Electro-Voice product range training held in Singapore
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Electro-Voice product range training held in Singapore

May 1st, 2013

An Electro-Voice product range training session was held recently at Robert Bosch (SEA) Singapore office for the sales and technical team from SIS. The objective of the training session was to allow participants to develop a basic understanding of the principles of sound system operations and a firm understanding of the entire EV lineup. It also enhanced their understanding of the applications, market segments and unique sonic features of the EV product range.

The training session helped participants to understand some concepts in configuring small to large systems such as a line array. In addition, sales staff members were guided on using LAPS (Line Array Prediction Software) for generating the correct number of line array elements and amplifiers for a venue. Participants were also taught to perform basic operations of a DSP controller, such as the EV DC-One, in a basic sound system.

The highlight of the training session was the EV loudspeaker product demonstration showcasing the uniquely warm and intelligible “EV sound” for participants who did not have prior experience with EV products. The key features and characteristics of each model demo’d were compared and discussed among the group so that , for example, participants could appreciate the sonic benefits that current EV DSP hardware offers via Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filters.

Through this training/demo session, participants gained an in-depth understanding of the audio performance, safety protection circuits and low-impedance load capability of EV amplifiers which are unrivalled in the pro audio industry.

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