Next of Kin Productions brings the first large-scale pro audio system to Papua New Guinea
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Next of Kin Productions brings the first large-scale pro audio system to Papua New Guinea

June 14th, 2013

Papua New Guinea used to face a pro audio challenge when it came to larger events: No local rental companies were equipped beyond smaller-format systems, often meaning bigger productions would require outsourcing from overseas providers.

Now those days are over. Identifying this need in the market, local rental company Next of Kin Productions recently invested in an XLC line-array loudspeaker system from Electro-Voice. EV was the company’s first choice, as the last-known large-scale sound system in the region was an EV DeltaMax rig which served many local events well for many years.

To ensure the new system would be deployed with consistently excellent results, EV traveled to visit Next of Kin for a training session, covering proper setup and rigging, use of Line Array Prediction Software (LAPS) and system processing.

To stress the importance of properly setting up a line-array to the new owners, a live demonstration of a misaligned versus a correctly setup system was carried out so they could experience firsthand the vast difference in sound quality.

The product training included a demonstration of the Finite Impulse Response (FIR)-enabled Dx46 processor for speaker processing. Users had the opportunity to explore different sub placements and various system configurations. The XLC was put through its paces with both pre-recorded music and a live three-piece band. With the FIR-equipped sound system, the technical staff members at Next Of Kin Productions commented that minimum or no tweaking of the default speaker presets is required and that the music literally sounded great right out of the box.

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