Electro-Voice training for Certified Partners in Malaysia
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Electro-Voice training for Certified Partners in Malaysia

August 3rd, 2013

Electro-Voice recently held a training session for their Certified Partners at their Petaling Jaya office in Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia. The session was jointly conducted by the local team and Ronnie Lai, application support for Electro-Voice.

The objective of the training session was to familiarize Certified Partners with key products, new technologies and system design/specification for fixed installation, mobile audio and concert sound applications.

EV’s extensive portfolio of products and system solutions for fixed installation was a focus for the session, with an emphasis on specifying the right products to meet both the sonic and budget requirements of any given venue. The distinctions between component performance across various lines was made clear, and available features for addressing more challenging acoustical environments – higher directivity for reverberant spaces, for example – were discussed. A demo of EVF-D series loudspeakers presented the core values of the EV-Innovation range for fixed installation.

Janesta Woon, Senior Marketing Manager, Malaysia, added, “We gave careful consideration to displaying and demonstrating different models of loudspeakers, amplifiers and electronics so trainees could gain a clear, hands-on  understanding of the comprehensive EV product range, all while experiencing the sonic differences between the various lines and learning more about their key features. These training sessions allow us to foster closer relations with our customers, obtain valuable feedback and address queries on the products being used in the industry.” 

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