Be serenaded by Michelle Loh, sixth and final winner of the "Be Electro-Voiced" contest
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Be serenaded by Michelle Loh, sixth and final winner of the "Be Electro-Voiced" contest

October 10th, 2013

Electro-Voice and Pro Audio Asia are pleased to announce the sixth and final winner of the “Be Electro-Voiced” contest for the period of May-June 2013. Congratulations to Michelle Loh for her deserving win!

Michelle was elated when she was informed of her win. This came as a total surprise to her as it was her first video that she uploaded on YouTube and she had no idea her friend had submitted it for the Be Electro-Voiced contest!

Michelle first discovered her talent when she was given a standing ovation at a music recital where she played the piano. Ever since, she has been invited to perform at various events and weddings, showcasing her talent, singing and playing the piano.

Michelle loves to sing and enjoys sharing her music. She is a part of a group made up of filmmakers, photographers, sound engineers, designers and musicians in Malaysia. This melting pot of talented individuals group together to play various genres of music and are very active in the music industry. They also have frequent collaborations with local YouTubers.

Dixon Liu, the leader of the group, keeps himself abreast with the music industry knowledge and often shares what he knows with the group, training new members and expanding the pool of talent. Dixon believed in Michelle’s talent, which drove him to submit her video for the Be Electro-Voiced contest.

“We hope that winning this contest can bring us to a higher level in the music scene, with the help of EV. We saw this as an opportunity and motivation for our group.”

To view Michelle’s video, click here!