Rohs/Lead-Free: EVI Audio Takes a Leading Role
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Rohs/Lead-Free: EVI Audio Takes a Leading Role

December 22nd, 2005

From the 1st July 2006 onwards, all new electrical and electronic equipment must comply with the EU’s RoHS directive. After over two years of preparation to ensure full compliance, Straubing, Germany-based EVI Audio (The European wing of Telex Communications, Inc.) will already have switched to lead-free production fully six months before the directive comes into force.

On the 27th January 2003, the European Union published Directive 2002/95/EC “on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment“ (RoHS), which requires that producers of electrical equipment find substitutes for the use of lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavelent chromium, polybrominated biphenyl compounds (PBBs) and polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs). The Directive will come into force on the 1st July 2006.

EVI Audio was swift to respond to the Brussels directive. Within months, a study group (RoHS/lead-free) composed of representatives from the Manufacturing, Development, Purchasing and Process Engineering departments had been established within the company to look into alternatives to the prohibited substances; and representatives attended seminars at the Fraunhofer Institute devoted to the subject as well as engaging in a far-reaching exchange of experience and ideas with electronic companies such as Zollner and KSG.

As a result of their efforts, by January 1st 2006 ? a full six months before the directive comes into force ? EVI Audio will have converted its production entirely to lead-free soldering. Indeed, this switch to water-based welding flux was implemented back in August 2005, leading to a reduction of 4,000 kilos annually in the use of solvents.

Many steps towards a single goal: RoHS/lead-free Among other measures taken by the company to ensure compliance with the RoHS directive were:

- Labeling of all incoming components since 15th January 2005 (RoHS compliant, lead-free / non-compliant)

- Inventory-keeping and registration of all components (RoHS compliant, lead-free / non-compliant)

- Addressing of circulars to all suppliers (requiring clarification on the issue of RoHS conformity) and the establishment of a database

- Comprehensive testing of lead-free solders (to see how these react to temperature changes, vibration, sustained use etc.)

Members of the study group were gratified to learn recently that Howard Sewell, Telex Communications’ Global Project Manager for Environmental Compliance, had categorized EVI Audio’s production methods as ’very good’ from the standpoint of environmental impact.

A tradition of environmental awareness EVI Audio has a long tradition of environmental awareness in its production methods. Back in the early Nineties, the company switched from solvent-oriented to water-based processes for the degreasing of lead components, which are far less harmful to the environment. For several years now synthetic materials have been used for a large part of its enclosure production, which equals no discharge of solvents and residues harmless enough to be disposed of as household waste. A further giant step was taken in 2004 with the installation of a perfectly adapted filter plant at the Hohenwarth production facility, a result of which is the factory’s ’dust-free’ exhaust air rating.


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