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EV sound system facilitates uninterrupted daily prayers at Masjid Soleehusslam mosque, Thailand

July 3rd, 2014

  • Customized EV pro audio solution addresses unique needs of the mosque
  • Ease of use allows inexperienced staff to operate the sound system
  • Ideal combination of cost efficiency, time-saving features, and superior sound quality

Masjid Soleehusslam is a two-storey mosque that has been serving the Muslim community in the Min Buri area in Thailand for over 60 years. Today, it conducts religious activities on a daily basis and can hold up to 1000 people in its premises.

The mosque’s existing sound system was old and required an upgrade. Reliability and intelligibility were key concerns, and a high-quality solution from Electro-Voice now ensures prayers are clearly audible by worshippers within all areas of the mosque, minimizing disruptions during prayer sessions. Ease of use was another important factor: the mosque does not have a dedicated audio technician, so the system had to be easy enough for any staff member at the mosque to operate.

Installer Patararungroj offered a simple but optimal solution to meet the mosque’s needs, including EV’s compact and durable ZX1 loudspeakers, RE-2 wireless microphone systems, and PL24S wired microphones – installed in the hall, front of hall, and prayer room.

Along with its easy operation and reliability, mosque staff are particularly impressed by the clarity of the new system, even at high volumes. Daily prayers are now effortlessly clear and audible in all corners of the mosque, much to the delight of worshippers.

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