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Telex Communications Total Sound System Solution Installed at First Pentecostal Church, Little Rock, AR

May 13th, 2005

Addressing sound reinforcement with a high level of coverage and clarity in mind was a necessity, since the assembled congregation at the Church can reach 4000. Larry Habetz of Gulf Coast Sound (Rayne, LA), and Telex Pro Audio Group Director of Special Projects Monte Wise carried out the system design and installation. Wise commented:

“This XLC installation brings warm, clean sound coverage to every seat in the house, and is especially responsive in the vocal frequencies, making it ideal for this application. We worked closely with Pastor Joel Holmes during every step of the system design process to ensure we matched his goals with the both the best equipment and the closest attention to detail. In this capacity I flew to Little Rock to oversee the system set up and tuning. We programmed the system so that Pastor Joel Holmes’ voice is channeled through every box in each array, and worked with the large room’s reverberant characteristics to give the signal a little extra delay, which makes the voice sound quite dramatic - the Pastor’s message comes across loud and clear. 12 Sb180 subs are stacked under the stage, running with the arrays. It all sounds very impressive. Add the fact that we have a Midas Legend 3000 at front of house, along with racks full of Klark Teknik equipment, and you are certainly hearing one of the best House of Worship sound systems in the country.“

Larry Habetz added: “Since completing the installation, I’ve mixed a couple of services for Pastor Holmes at First Pentecostal, and he has thanked me, Monte and EV personally from the pulpit. We are pleased to have provided a system that has added so much to the worship experience at the church, and the unanimously positive feedback we have received from Pastor Holmes and members of his congregation reflects what good customer and product support brings to an installation, above and beyond the hardware itself.“

(35) XLC 127+ line array boxes flown in LCR arrays of 11,13 and 11

48-channel Midas Legend 3000 mixing console

Klark Teknik DN9340 Helix digital EQ

KT DN9344 Helix slave

KT DN504+ quad compressors

KT DN9848 loudspeakers processing

EV CP3000S Class-H, switch mode amplifiers

(12) Sb180 subs

(14) Xi-1082 (front-fills/choir monitors), driven by EV Dx38 processing.


Electro-Voice (EV), is a professional audio brand of Telex Communications, Inc., a leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of sophisticated audio, wireless, multimedia, aircraft, broadcast and communications equipment for commercial, professional and industrial customers. Telex Communications markets its products in more than 80 countries under the brands EV, Telex, RTS, Dynacord, Midas, Klark Teknik and others.

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