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Telex Helps Make History Come to Life at Le Pays de la Sagouine

September 30th, 2005

Located in Bouctouche, New Brunswick, Canada, and inspired by the writings of internationally acclaimed writer Antonine Maillet, the village of Le Pays de la Sagouine brings to life the world of the Acadians French pioneers who settled in Nova Scotia in the early 1600s. In celebrating this rich cultural heritage, Le Pays de la Sagouine has become one of the most popular educational and tourist destinations in the region, offering a combination of natural beauty and a wide range of live entertainment, all infused with Acadian culture and spirit. To improve sound quality for the 2005 season, Tour Tech East of Halifax, Nova Scotia, installed new equipment from Dynacord, Midas and Telex in the two main performance areas at the village a mainland amphitheatre and an island gazebo housing two stages. Tour Tech East Dave Rudderham reported:

The village amphitheatre is home to their main production, a historical play based upon the expulsion of the Acadians. This attracts tourists from all over the world especially France and Quebec, and the organizers needed a sound system to do the epic story justice. Bigger weekend and evening shows run on either of two facing stages in an island gazebo in the middle of the village harbor. For the historical production, however, the island is used as a prop the lighting directors make it look like a ship, set it on fire, and even make it disappear as part of the play. For these shows the two sound systems are linked together for special effects and delay purposes. We wanted to install high performance systems to match the impressive spectacle, so we spec'd a Dynacord Cobra system and Midas Verona console for the island stages and Dynacord Madras loudspeakers for the amphitheatre.

Rudderham continued: This equipment precisely addresses their needs, providing greater coverage and intelligibility whilst keeping sightlines clear in both venues. This has been another successful Cobra installation for us. Weve been a primary supplier to the village for a number of years, and had worked with their Tech Director, Tiny Henri, at a number of other venues. Like us, Tiny was impressed with the whole Cobra-4 package: compact size, modular system versatility, precise plug in and playline-array performance, all at a reasonable price. The Cobra-4 literally takes two guys 10 minutes to set up, yet it delivers world-class sound. Perfect. The Cobra has all the low-end response they need for their special effects, and all the full-bandwidth coverage they need when its used as a main PA for concerts.

Both the Cobra and the Madras systems represent a great balance of small footprint and big sound,Rudderham says. Obviously you don't want too much visible technology installed in a historically themed venue. In the island gazebo, two arrays of two Cobra TOP and one Cobra FAR boxes are flown at left and right on each of the facing stages. Eight Cobra PWH subs are rolled to whatever stage is operational. Two dedicated Cobra-4 amp racks take care of the presets and power. The rig caters to crowds of 500 to 1200 people in a 140-feet wide / 90-feet deep space, and everyone present has the best seat in the house the 120-degree coverage is that effective, yet the boxes are so inconspicuous. Two Dynacord Madras M15 powered boxes are flown as side/rear fills beside the arrays. Dynacord AM12s serve as powered monitors. Weve had a lot of really positive feedback from the musicians regarding the sound quality on stage. In the mainland amphitheatre, which has 180-degree seating, we used two Dynacord Madras M15s per side as mains, four Madras M18 subs under the seating area, and several more M15s and AM12s as front fills. Again, sound fills the space, yet the hardware is hardly there. In addition, eight channels of Telex BTR-800 wireless keep the audio and lighting crews operating seamlessly.

Rudderham described specifying the Midas Verona as a no brainer: A rider-friendly, touring quality mixing console was also at the top of the list, and when it became clear that we could spec a Midas console and stay within budget, we didn't need to look at any other brands. Tiny is one of many Midas devotees in the industry who trust Midas quality and reliability. The 40-channel Verona is performing exactly as you would expect, putting a smile on the face of every engineer who mixes on it. The Verona also offers unbeatable value for money Midas preamps and EQs cant be beat, and 8 busses give us all the flexibility we need.


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