Terri Nunn (Berlin)
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Terri Nunn (Berlin)

December 15th, 2004

Before Gwen Stefani and No Doubt, pre-Shirley Manson and Garbage and dozens of other current sensations, there was Berlin - the American Progenitor of electro-pop and sexy provocation fronted by the enigmatic Terri Nunn nunn. And while many bands that had tremendous success in the Eighties are the recipients of tributes today, few have had as far-reaching an impact or grooves nearly as timeless as those of Berlin.

Their success began early, vaulting a self-produced debut EP into gold sales status (1982’s Pleasure Victim). From there, the bad earned a major label deal with Geffen, where they went on to produce enduringly edgy tunes like “No More Words,“ “Now It’s My Turn“ and “Take My Breath Away,“ the smoldering, Giorgio Moroder-produced love song that propelled the sales of millions of copies of the Top Gun soundtrack. “Take My Breath Away“ also spawned an international number-one single, a Golden Globe Award and an Academy Award.

After a few line-up changes and many years spent performing countless live dates, Berlin wound down in the late Eighties. But after years of being encourage to revitalize the band, Terri Nunn conceded in 1998.

Now, almost seven years later, it’s amazing watching Berlin come alive at concerts, spurring the crowd with lots of dancing and energy... the sets are playful and are likely to include cover versions of past and current favorites (recent shows have seen a fiery take on Marilyn Manson’s “The Dope Show“ and perennial Southern California favorite “Never Let Me Down Again“ by Depeche Mode). It’s something that has been honed over time, during the years in between working on recordings with labels, and has allowed the band to stay in touch with fans old and new.

She’s proud of her lasting achievements, but don’t expect Terri Nunn and Berlin to rest on them. “I feel now, even in listening to the music back then, it was much simpler. The first Berlin record was much simpler. And that doesn’t mean better or worse because records like ’The Metro’ stands up tor the audiences and even for me - even now. But I have more colors to play with now. There’s just more textures and more options to me as a musician. So Berlin is more textured than it was before. And I’m a better writer. Berlin as a live band is unbelievably better. Even members of the previous Berlin have told me that!“

High praise, indeed.

Please visit www.berlinpage.com, and www.artistdirect.com for more information.