Rick Ward
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Rick Ward

December 15th, 2004

Top national rodeo announcer Rick Ward is a proud member of the EV family of microphone endorsers. Rick, who was voted 2004 Announcer of the Year by the North American Bullriding Association, is one of the hardest-working names in the business, with a schedule that keeps him busy over 70 nights a year at rodeo competitions and monster truck shows around the United States. Rick’s signing as an EV mic endorser made sense - he was already a dedicated user of EV’s heavy-duty, weatherproof Sx500PI+™ loudspeakers, and now he uses a wireless mic system as equally road-proven: The RE1™ with N/D767a™ capsule. For a wired mic, Rick uses the N/D267as™ with on/off switch. Rick explained how working with EV makes a difference in this fast-paced world:

“When people think of rodeo, images of bucking bulls, wild broncs, and cowboys come to mind. However, in the 21st century arena, rodeo has grown into a multi-million dollar sport, requiring high quality sound production. The rapport I establish with the audience and the music I play to add to the atmosphere are essential parts of the fans’ experience at the show - I fill in the sonic details while the competitors go for an eight second ride or tie a calf at lightning speed. For this, I need to use sound reinforcement equipment that is loud, clear and reliable. EV hasn’t let me down so far.“

Ward added: “The ambience at a rodeo isn’t too different from that of a large rock concert. Couple that with the athleticism of a ballet, and you have a unique entertainment event - out of control yet graceful. These competitions and shows have been both testing grounds and battlefields for my audio equipment. My gear must endure adverse conditions - dust, rain, and wind. On one such occasion, an unexpected thunderstorm arose producing 60 mph winds. Six of my EV Sx 500PI+ boxes were blown down from a seven-foot scaffolding and crashed into and across the arena, just as the performance had closed. After a brief inspection the following morning, I discovered no damage occurred to the speakers. They performed perfectly the next night. In addition, the water shield design on the PI+ models is one of the greatest innovations for this market. The reliability and dependability of the speakers is second to none. For my money, the EV Sx500PI+ really is “ten feet tall and bullet proof!’ I’ve been using the RE1 wireless with N/D767a handheld for a while now, and am really impressed - it has the lowest self-noise of any mic system I’ve ever used, and finding a clear frequency is as simple as pushing a button (ClearScan™). My job is all about my voice, and the 767a head is warm and clear sounding across every bandwidth - I love it. Again, EV adds value to their products by building in details that both work hard and save time on the road.“

In closing, Rick offered a thought on why pros opt for EV equipment: “Some companies claim less expensive pro audio gear, but there are also smaller cars and thinner steaks!“

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