Niki Barr
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Niki Barr

December 15th, 2004

Consider this; there hasn’t been a truly talented, writes her own stuff, plays her own guitar, rock and roll front woman that has broken the surface since the late 90’s. Many have tried, but few have made an impact. Niki Barr is a name you can count on hearing with regularity now and in the future. With her magnetic stage presence, strong, memorable lyrics, and the superior musicianship of her band, Niki has quickly become a hot topic in the music industry.

Niki and her band play rock n roll, pure and simple. She is not part of any late developing trend and is certainly not the type to hop on any bandwagon. The only concern she has is writing good songs and knocking out audiences with stellar live performances.

Niki has been on stage in one way or another since a very young age. “I danced when I was three and did that for about 11 years, then I did theater for a while, so I’ve always liked being on stage, in front of a live audience,“ says Niki. From theater, she moved on to music and got her first guitar when she was thirteen. “I started playing all of these open mics and people liked it,“ explains Niki. “This one place, the guy said I could only play if I had my own music. So I went home and wrote a song so I could play there.“ One of her performances caught the attention of Mike Marucci of Marucci Artist Management Inc. and a short time later, the 15 year-old singer had a manager.

She’s now 20 and for such a young woman, Niki has accomplished more than many artists twice her age. Recently, she has joined such prestigious company such as P.O.D., Static-X, Newfound Glory, and many others as an Electro-voice endorsee.

Some of the biggest names in the recording industry have worked with Niki. In 2003 she was invited out to L.A. to work with songwriters/producers The Matrix and Wizards of Oz and songwriters Mathew Gerrard and Stephen Lironi.

It’s also worth noting that this recording artist is no stranger to rigorous touring; she has already embarked on two tours sponsored by the AFE. Her tours have taken her to Japan, Alaska, Singapore, and Diego Garcia. In the winter of 2003, she will embark on a 43-day European tour that will take her to Germany, Great Britain, Iceland, and the Balkans. While in Germany, she will be visiting our nation’s soldiers wounded in Iraq and the Middle East. Niki’s band is also tremendously talented. Lead guitarist Michael Sauri, formerly of Fighting Gravity, has played with some of the best in the industry, including a classical guitar performance backing Luciano Pavarotti. Drummer Nate Brown is a true professional who previously played with the band Everything for five years. Marc Nelson, Niki’s bass player, has been playing with Niki since her coffeehouse days.

In the meantime, Niki will be working toward her ultimate goal of being the main attraction for a scene that she has always been a part of. “I like being on stage in front of a lot of people and feeding off of an audience . . . Cuz then you’ve got thousands of people in a stadium that are there for the music. Everyone’s related in one way: they’re into ’that’ music . . . it’s a cool feeling.“