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December 10th, 2004

Angelo Moore: Vocals, saxes

John Norwood Fisher: Bass

Walt Kibby: Vocals, 3-valve brass

Spacey T: Guitar

Deion: Drums

John McKnight: Keyboards

Known for their energetic shows, political consciousness, prodigious musicianship and eclectic sound, Fishbone is a forefather of today’s crossover, multi-genre bands. With their thumbs in more pies than you’d find at a county fair, Fishbone alumni have performed with the likes of Miles Davis, Curtis Mayfield, George Clinton, as well as other P-Funk collaborators. Fishbone is more than a band. Fishbone is a phenomenon.

Born out of the cultural stew of the late ’70s South Central Los Angeles, Fishbone created a sound flavored with the angst and aggression of punk rock, the sophistication of jazz and the swank of funk. The British ska and 2-Tone scene also found an influence on the five-piece band from south central - an influence that would later qualify the band one of America’s ska pioneers.