Dj Ashba
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Dj Ashba

December 15th, 2004


Dj ASHBA-Guitars



Founded by Warner Bros. recording artist Dj Ashba, ASHBA is an amazing band: “I wanted to take the time to find the right band, write the right songs, and put together a band that would be unstoppable, so that’s exactly what I did!“ remarks founder Dj Ashba. Ashba continues: “After several line-up changes, and over 60 songs written, I finally did some soul searching. I walked into a club in Hollywood to see a band play and I was so blown away by the drummer, that’s when I knew I had to have him. Bones Elias joined ASHBA - he moved out from San Antonio, TX, shortly followed by bassist John Younger who happened to be a friend “back home’ of Bones. When John walked in, and we started jamming for the first time, there was so much magic, I knew without a doubt he was the guy. Only one problem: I knew it was going to be damn near impossible to find the right frontman, but as they say, “if it’s meant to be, it will be’ and you bet your sweet ass we found the perfect singer; his name is Kyle Spicer. And as for me, I’m just a small-town country boy, with a passion. So now that I have the perfect band. Only God knows what damage we’re about to do.“

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