40-ft. Ringo
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40-ft. Ringo

December 10th, 2004

Like gangsters in a police round-up would say: “this is our story and we’re stickin’ to it! Well, at least until we come up with a better alibi.“ 4 Score 7 years ago, in a galaxy far, far away... A ROCK BAND IS BORN! What is a 40FT. RINGO? Where is a 40FT. RINGO? Why 40FT. RINGO? The name means nothing, it just sounds cool, people seem to really dig it and our buddy, Ronzo, came up with a bitchin’ logo for it .’Cause we all know that to make in it Rock-n-Roll all you need is a great logo.. RIGHT?. 40FT. RINGO it is done deal. So how did 4 freaks from “SOPRANO COUNTY, NJ“ get together? It all begins with years of slugging it out together in the New York & New Jersey club scene. The fallout from too many trix, lots of steele, rocks in the cheese and being soaked in beer. You smart ones will understand all that lingo. The seeds were planted in 1995 by STEVE & PJ, locking themselves in their basement recording studio writing a ton of “SUPER ROCK ANTHEMS THAT THE YOUNG PEOPLE WILL ENJOY“. The direction and mindset was always based around one common factor of all legendary bands “WRITING GREAT SONGS“ . Everything else is b$*&#*& without great songs. Crafting , creating and tearing up lots of ideas gave them the sound they were looking for: “SLAMMIN’ ROCK TUNES WITH MELODIES THAT STICK IN YOUR HEAD LIKE CRAZY GLUE“ yeah, that’s the ticket.

Next came the part of putting the band together. STEVE would play guitar, sing and jump around like a maniac, PJ would play bass, sing harmony and provide the twisted humor, and on lead guitar would be their good buddy, MAZ . Maz is a solid player who would supply those “SIGNATURE 40FT. GUITAR LINES“. But drummers seemed to be a problem for the group. Like SPINAL TAP before them, they couldn’t find the right drummer. It seems like the four previous skin bashers all had bizarre brain malfunctions. Anyway, clear the way for the wrecking ball BRIAN, “ROCK DRUMMER MANIA MAKER“. It is rumored that he drove to the first gig with a flat tire, no headlights and sparks shooting out of the engine - now that’s either dedication or insanity! Either way, the band was complete!

Soon, after a few rehearsals, they took the stages of NYC’s top clubs like Arlene’s Grocery to unleash onto the world the sound and energy of 40FT. RINGO “LIVE“. With songs like “BIG FAT SMILE“, “INSIDE YOUR HEAD“, “FANATIC“, “BE MY FIX“ and the gripping ballad ,“ORIGAMI MOMMY “, the band soon got a rabid following of fans , packing the house every time they played. 40FT. RINGO’s “LIVE SHOW“ is the band’s most powerful place. With reckless energy, flawless musicianship and a twisted sense of humor, their shows are like a party. And that’s what it’s all about: “A GOOD TIME“. The ball is now rolling with the record company... Big wigs flocking to see what “the Buzz is“ with 40FT. RINGO. A well known record producer described 40FT. Ringo as: “ ... take FOO FIGHTERS , BLINK 182, LIT, THIRD EYE BLIND & THE OFFSPRING, put ’em in a blender mix in an amazing live show - and the fact that they are a bunch of SWELL GUYS - it’s a no-brainer, they got ’THAT THING’.“ So what if we had a gun to his head to say all that. Just kidding. So the story goes: “WE HAVE JUST BEGUN TO ROCK THE WORLD!“