Cesaria Evora
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Cesaria Evora

December 15th, 2004

During the beginning of the following year some 300,000 copies of “Café Atlantica“ were sold on the French territory. Yet, Cesaria did not rest on her laurels and as soon as she got back from her tour, she settled in a studio in Paris and, along with her musicians, penned some new titles. They put together an album that was released in March 2001. Entitled “Sao Vicente di longe“ after the island where Cesaria was born, it remains akin in spirit to her last album, paying a tribute to the music of the Atlantic islands. A few tracks were recorded in Cuba, with the likes of Orquesta Aragon (Linda Mimosa) and Chucho Valdez (“Negue“). Another song, “Regresso“, was recorded in Brazil with the very famous Caetano Veloso. All in all, no less than sixty musicians, producers and engineers cooperated with the Barefoot Diva.

Bowing to popular demand, Cesaria returned to France in 2001, performing to a sell-out audience at Le Zénith in Paris on April 28th. Her show featured a special line-up of Cape Verdean guest stars including Teofilo Chantre, clarinet-player Luis Morais and the singer Fantcha. A few days later, on May 9th, Cesaria embarked upon a mini-tour of France, performing a handful of popular shows up and down the country. By the end of 2001, her latest album had been quite successful with 150,000 copies sold in France and 320,000 in the US.

In Spring 2002, Cesaria Evora resumed her French tour but also extended it to the rest of Europe and the Mediterranean. During this frantic tour, she performed in Croatia, Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Iceland, Morrocco, Greece, Italy, Switzerland and Germany. She was then to be seen at the Summer Festivals.

These days Cesaria has left the bad old days of alcoholism and poverty far behind. The singer has built a huge house in Mindelo, where she likes to entertain family and friends at a table piled high with Catchupa (a traditional Cape Verdean dish). Cesaria is also reputed to be a generous hostess, regularly handing out money and gifts to her friends, neighbors and grandchildren. Meanwhile, the legend of Miss Perfumado - the woman who rose from rags to riches with her haunting rendition of the morna and the simple acoustic accompaniment of the cavaquinho (the Cape Verdean guitar) - lives on, delighting thousands of enthusiastic fans worldwide.