EV Hosts Training Session for Central American & Caribbean Service Centers
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EV Hosts Training Session for Central American & Caribbean Service Centers

May 1st, 2006

In attendance were Andres Salcedo (Service Director) and Ernesto Kranwinkel (President) of Krater S.A., Santo Domino, Dominican Republic, Roy Bonilla (Service Director) and Juan Carlos Araya (Owner) of AR Sistemas, San Jose, Costa Rica. Yvette Hatfield, Telex Pro Audio Group Sales Representative for Latin America, hosted the session with EV’s National Service Manager Rocky Muir and Teisha Charton. Yvette Hatfield reported:

“This was a two day training session that included an in-depth tour of the facility and an overview of the entire EV loudspeaker manufacturing process, along with presentations by EV’s Rocky Muir. Our guests also received hands-on training on re-coning various speakers, learning special tricks of the trade, and diaphragm diagnosis techniques. We followed this up with a tour of the First Pentecostal Church located in North Little Rock. This allowed the distributors to see the process from beginning to end. The distributors came out of the session newly qualified as Certified EV Service Centers, the first two of their kind in Central America and the Caribbean. The session was a great success, and an additional training session will be taking place this year.“

Any distributor located in Latin America interested in become a EV certified Service Center may contact Alex Gomez at 952-736-4145 or email alex.gomez@us.telex.com

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