Annie Minogue Band
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Annie Minogue Band

June 2nd, 2006

The AMB lineup, consisting of Nunzio Signore (Guitar), Jeff Catania (Guitar), Nick Saya (Drums), Peter Williamson (Bass) and Minogue (Vocals), never fails to stimulate and excite audiences. The band has put on amazing performances all over the USA alongside some rock legends:

* David Lee Roth’s USA tour (opening act)

* Chris Whitley NE USA tour (opening act)

* Guinness Oyster Fest (opening for Dave Navarro)

* Summerfest (opening for Black Eyed Peas/Soul Asylum)

* Sturgis Music Festival (opening for the Steve Miller Band)

* Sundance Film Festival (Featured Performer)

* Texas State Fair (Headlining Act)

Annie Minogue has been a singer, songwriter and musician her entire life. Her

father was a professional musician and their household in New York City was

always filled with music and talent, giving her a positive perspective of the

industry as a wonderful way to make a living. Her musical influences have

ranged from Patti Smith to Led Zeppelin and everywhere in between.

Her breakthrough solo debut album “Home“ was released in 2000 on the Nippon Crown label in Japan, pulling in nonstop great reviews and leading to another release on Annie’s own imprint Liberty Place Records called “Love Parade.

Minogue’s craft for songwriting, along with her powerfully expressive voice, have given her firm roots within the music world. Having garnered acclaim and praise from some of today’s top music supervisors and program directors, Minogue’s music has enjoyed some substantial media time, being featured on film, TV and radio:

* MTV’s Real World

* TV Guide Channel

* Dawson’s Creek

* Lifetime Television

* MSNBC “Mitch Albom Show“

* Out Of The Black (Independent feature film)

* Q104.3 FM & 93.3FM in New York (Featured Artist)

* Cannes Film Festival Selection “Not About AJ“

AMB just released their latest CD “Tripping The Velvet,“ a true tour de force

of songwriting, production and musicality. Just one listen and you will

understand why so many people keep falling in love with their music in the first