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Champtown: Detroit Rap/Hip-Hop Magnet Only Performs with EV Wireless

June 5th, 2006

Champtown says, “I’m an artist and I work hard at being the best. The quality of sound is key, so I use the best and the best is EV.“ Although he’s used just about every wireless handheld out there, Champtown has found the EV RE-1 wireless (with 967 head) the perfect rap/hip-hop wireless for its rejection of feedback on high SPL stages, as well as the ease with which frequency coordination is done via EV’s patented ClearScan.

Profile: Champtown

Champtown is a founding father of the Detroit Hip Hop scene and CEO/Founder of independent label, Straight Jacket Records, Inc. Champtown has worked with rap/hip-hop luminaries including Eminem, Run DMC, Ice T, Rob Base, Public Enemy, and Kid Rock, just to name a few.

There is only one word to use when describing Champtown: “Truth“.

According to rap/hip-hop legend Chuck D. of Public Enemy: “Champtown is out of that same mold that made Berry Gordy put things on the map for Detroit. The tradition has been furthered by the Detroit techno scene, ESHAM, Royce, The 5-9, and of course EMINEM. But the thing that makes Champtown different is that he sees that a record industry can be rebuilt from Detroit as opposed to connecting under New York or Los Angeles corporate rules. His projection of Straight Jacket Records in areas of internet, digital, and DVD are a step and a notch ahead of the urban and rap business minds. Minds for the past 15 years have taken and run into success off his ideas.“

Chuck D. continues: “Champtown is the tragic blackman story of a mind that needs his control in a business that doesn’t give back. Champ gives back and he has nurtured a nice stable of Detroit artists in recording, performance, and interview. They don’t do that anymore in the music business. Finding funding should be no problem if this was a sensible industry, so from the floor up Champtown and Straight Jacket ease the common sense back in.“

Over the last few years Champtown has been hard at work building up his arsenal, and has just wrapped up his new album entitled Racial Profilin, with production work by the legendary QD3 (Quincy Jones the 3rd), Frankie Biggs, Ghanz, and Champtown.

Be on the look out for Champtown coming soon to your town, and a town near you.

Champtown says, “I’m an artist and I work hard at being the best. The quality of sound is key, so I use the best and the best is EV“.

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