Alison Hinds: Queen of Soca Uses EV RE-1 Wireless On Tour
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Alison Hinds: Queen of Soca Uses EV RE-1 Wireless On Tour

June 8th, 2006

The talented chanteuse who is now referred tp as the “Queen of Soca“ was born in England on June 01, 1970, and raised by her mother and father. While back home in England, Alison was very involved in her school’s choir. As a young girl, she often imagined herself in the entertainment field. Ms. Hinds has truly been blessed with her gift of the arts.

“I have always been able to sing. That was one of the talents the good lord above gave me“. (Alison Hinds) At the tender age of 11 Alison and her mother would decided to move back home to Barbados. Believe it or not but the woman who is known for her stage performances was once a very shy little girl. Yes , while in Secondary School in Barbados, Alison was very shy when it came to performing on stage. But within time and hard work , Alison has grown to dominate her audience while performing on stage. “When I first joined the band people from school were like huh? Alison in a band? They didn’t even know I could sing“ (Alison Hinds) Alison joined the band Square One back in 1986 at the age of 16.

“I used to imagine myself on-stage singing in front of thousands of people. Yet I remember one of my first experience on stage was in Secondary School when I was performing “Ben“ . I sang maybe the first couple of lines and then I went blank. I could not remember a thing.“ (Alison Hinds) But that did not stop her being apart of the band Square One, Alison would learn to be up front and in control. Alison went on to score her first big hit with the song “Ragamuffin“ back in 1996. Alison was the first woman in Barbados to win the Road March title in 1996 with the hit song “ Ragamuffin“.

In 1997, she would share the Party Monarch and Road March crown with her song “In The Meantime“. This would mark the beginning of Alison’s new role in the band as one of the front line singer. Square One has been on the music scene for almost 18 years but the road to where they are today has been a long one, however they did not give up instead they kept their feet firmly planted on the ground and the passion of the music in their hearts. In the beginning the band spent most of their time performing the clubs and bars scenes back in Barbados.

Today, Square One is known for their hip swaying, flag waving, and wining music. They are also known for being one of the longest Soca band in the Caribbean region to remain together with all it’s original members up to date. Many people are under the misconception that I am unapproachable, that I’m stuck-up, but I’m not“.(Alison Hinds) The Alison off stage is just a little reserved and enjoys her alone time. “I’m a Gemini, I trust people quickly, but I’ve been burnt by those I’ve let into my space. (Alison Hinds) She states that most people she has met have only wanted to be with or around her just because she is Alison Hinds the singer and not Alison Hinds the woman are the same ones who have hurt her. But she takes it all in strides and realise the lessons behind it all. When in the public eye it is very difficult for people to take the time out to get to know you as an individual. Alison states that there are four women in her life who have proven worthy of her trust. She calls them her “true sister friends“. “They watch my back. I can pick up the phone and cry to them, pour out my heart, my inner most secrets and know that I am safe“. (Alison Hinds) Alison credits her mother for being her role model and her main support system. Alison’s mother usually travels with her and the band when out of Barbados.

“I enjoy what I do, I enjoy doing my music“. (Alison Hinds) There has been must talk about Alison sexual appeal on and off stage. But as Alison puts it most of the time men never take the time out to look her in her face. This has only made Alison stronger as an entertainer in the public’s eye. “Sexuality in a women is evident when she recognizes that she is a sexual being. It’s a powerful thing, a great gift when a women knows how to utilize her sexuality.“ (Alison Hinds) Alison goes on to say that she has learn how to draw the audience into her performances. The men in the audience enjoys Alison’s challenge to a sexy wining competition, which she does most of the work because she like to remain in control and let’s no man disrespect her while on stage. The same thing applies when she is off the stage when it comes to men.

The song Faluma is perhaps one of the biggest song that Square One is known for recording. Up until today the band cannot perform at a venue without singing that song. Faluma was the biggest soca hit of 1999-2000 in the Caribbean region. “I don’t think any of us knew that Faluma would have taken off like that. I mean, that song just took a life of it’s own. We just could not believe how big that song became.“ (Alison Hinds) Faluma , which spent 45 weeks at the number one, position in Guatemala a country that is not known for soca music. The song Faluma originates from Suriname, a Dutch speaking country in South America. The band decided to record this song after they heard it for the first time because they wanted the people of Barbados to hear the song. Alison and Square One would record the song live . But it was not until the song was later remix by a dj that Square One decided to re-record the song. This would be when the song took on a life of it’s own. Up until today it is one of the biggest hit for the band Square One. Within the last two years there has been much talk about Alison’s solo album. “It will be different from what people are used to hearing from me, I won’t do much soca because I don’t want to compete with my band Square One“. (Alison Hinds) “It’s Caribbean inspired music because I am a Caribbean woman at the end of the day so I have to stay true to my roots and to who I am about“. (Alison Hinds)

Alison is showcasing the various sided to her in on this project. She has even taken on the role of writing some of the songs that will be included on this album. Alison has been blessed to collaborate with the likes of Elephant man, Peter Ram, Lil Rick, Iwer George, Foxy Brown, Sean Paul, Rupee, John King, Bunji Garlin , and the list goes on. Alison along with all these artists has help to make the sweet soca music what it is today. For the last few years, there have been much talk about Alison being pregnant. Even talk as to why she has not settled down and started a family as of yet. “ It gets me upset when people, Caribbean people in general who would approach me regardless of where I am and ask me if I am ever going to have kids and a family. And I am like yeah I am going to have kids and a family. I’m obviously going to have to take a break and return.“ (Alison Hinds) “And people saying, you might not want to be out there touring after that. I’m not saying that I am not going to love and appreciate my children. It does not mean that my life stops or that I have to stop being an entertainer“. I don’t see any reason for me to stop. I truly love what I do.“ (Alison Hinds)

Alison goes on to state that she loves to sing, perform and travel. “ I love what I do and as I said I will do it as long as I possibly can“.(Alison Hinds) Throughout the Caribbean and the rest of the world , Alison Hinds is known as the woman who has taken Soca music to a whole new level. Whether Alison is known to be the Soca Queen, the Ragamuffin Queen , or the Queen of Soca, she has definitely earned the title and the prove is in the music and in the entertainer that she has become. Alison has developed into a strong and determined woman. Alison and Square One has been credited with taking soca to a whole new level with one hit song after the other. Alison along with Square One has worked very hard to get where they are today. It goes to show you that with hard work and time success is just around the corner. What does the most famous female soca singer of the Caribbean want most of all,“ To get the real big break is my dream right now“. (Alison Hinds)

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