Terri Walker: Electro-Voice/Shuttlesound Puts EV Endorsement Behind British Chanteuse
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Terri Walker: Electro-Voice/Shuttlesound Puts EV Endorsement Behind British Chanteuse

June 13th, 2006

SHUTTLESOUND PUTS ELECTRO-VOICE ENDORSEMENT BEHIND TERRI WALKER With a UK tour starting in just a few weeks, British soul singer and songwriter Terri Walker has been talent-spotted by Shuttlesound as the perfect endorsee for Electro-Voice’s wireless microphones. The former Mercury Prize and MOBO nominee has an outstanding vocal range and timbre which is well served by the EV RE1, and the endorsement also includes guitarists Toby Oriyende and Joel Grant, who are using EV’s wireless guitar systems.

Terri’s third album I Am has just been released by Dekkor Records, which also operates the successful Pizza Express jazz venue in Soho’s Dean Street. Showcasing her new live act at the club, prior to the summer festival scene, provided her first opportunity to try out the Electro-Voice mics.

“The microphone is my instrument,“ says Terri, “it’s a vital tool in creating a close connection with each audience member, and making them feel like they’re a part of the band. My voice sounds very natural through the EV RE1, even though it is amplified. I can actually hear myself, and I like the way I sound, it’s a true representation of my voice.“

Terri is touring with a mid-size band: in addition to rhythm guitarist Toby Oriyende and bass guitarist Joel Grant, there is a keyboard player, and three backing vocalists, many of them from the London Junior Gospel Choir. Bass player Joel Grant, who doubles on keyboards when not behind his spectacular 6-string bass, also sings the praises of the EV products. “I always like to have my sound, and this system makes it sound really clear. Also, it’s great being wireless and having the freedom to move around as I play; that really relaxes me.“

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