EV (Electro-Voice) Introduces the PolarChoice™ Boundary Satellite Wireless Microphone at Infocomm 2006
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EV (Electro-Voice) Introduces the PolarChoice™ Boundary Satellite Wireless Microphone at Infocomm 2006

June 13th, 2006

Orlando, FL (June 7th, 2006): The new PolarChoice™ Boundary Satellite wireless microphone from EV brings the benefits of wireless to the boardroom, conference center, or podium.

The PC-Boundary Sat is a free standing boundary style microphone in an elegantly designed base. This low-profile foundation hides PC-Boundary-Sat’s most powerful feature - space for a wireless transmitter. Turning the base over reveals the specially designed compartment for housing a Telex or Electro-Voice bodypack transmitter. Simply connect the microphone to the bodypack, set-up the wireless channel and place the PC Boundary Satellite anywhere an easy-to-use microphone is required. It is no longer necessary to cut holes in tables, run long cables, or compromise the architectural integrity of an installation. With the Polar Choice Boundary Satellite, anything is possible.

The first in a new series of new PolarChoice boundary microphones, the PC-Boundary-Sat includes four selectable polar patterns. The half omnidirectional, half cardioid, half supercardioid and half figure eight patterns allow the user to configure the pickup pattern to match the application. From video conferencing to press conferences and panel discussions, the PC-Boundary-Sat will maximize audio quality and minimize potential feedback problems.

Key Features:

• Free standing, low profile boundary microphone.

• Accepts Telex and Electro-Voice bodypack transmitters (RE-1, RE-2, FMR-1000, FMR-500 & SAFE-1000).

• Easy to use On/Off switch. Can be programmed to operate as either latching On/Off or as a momentary push-to-mute.

• High visibility blue LED clearly displays mic status to user.

• Exceptional sound quality with EV’s proven PolarChoice design.

• Selectable polar pattern easily adapts to any situation. Choose between half-omni, half-cardioid, half-supercardioid or half-figure eight

Note: Wireless System Sold Separately