Triple Showtechniek Invests in EV for Jan Smit Tour
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Triple Showtechniek Invests in EV for Jan Smit Tour

August 14th, 2006

Jan Smit first achieved stardom in his native Holland nine years ago. Since then, the young vocalist has matured into an internationally acclaimed performer whose tours are among the most successful and lavish productions in the pop business.

The rental company responsible for Smit’s upcoming tour of the Netherlands and Germany is Triple Showtechniek, based in Purmerend. With a view to achieving perfect acoustic results, the Dutch touring company’s audio specialists launched an investment offensive, ordering an extensive package of Electro-Voice, Klark Teknik and Midas pro audio systems from the Dutch EV distributor, Electric Audio B.V and Midas Consoles Holland.

The shopping list included:

18 x EV Xlc 127+

8 x EV X-subs

6 x EV QRx-153/75

Multiple EV CP2200, CP3000S, CP4000 amps

Klark Teknik Square One

Multiple Klark Teknik DN-9848 E system controllers

Midas Heritage H 2000 (FOH)

Midas Heritage H 3000 (monitors)

Rene Tielen, Triple Showtechniek’s MD, commented: “For a tour in this category, you need the ultimate audio package. With the new systems, we can achieve the very highest standards.“ Tielen’s colleague, Marco Hovius added: “The advice and start up / rehearsal support we received from Midas Consoles Holland and Electric Audio B.V. was outstanding. “The new setup brings our company defiantly to a higher standard in concert sound.“

From a child star to a top international act“Ik zing dit lied voor jou alleen“ (in English: “I sing this song for you alone“) was the song with which Jan Smit (or “Jantje“ as he was then known) broke through to stardom in the Netherlands. That was nine years ago. The likeable and highly talented vocalist - winner recently of the prestigious Dutch Edison award for Best Singer of 2006 - is now 21 and an internationally acclaimed star with over five albums currently on sale in Germany alone.

Jan Smit tour dates:


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