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Canadian pro audio leaders Apex Sound & Light install EV’ XLC™ into renovated club

December 13th, 2004

“The venue is in what used to be a Vaudeville theatre. The main room is long and narrow, with a small stage. A balcony surrounds three sides of the room and covers its rear half. Stages’ owner Brian George and house sound technician Bob Mill wanted consistent coverage at high SPL throughout the club and especially at the back of the room, which had been a problem area before with their prior system - a typical early “80s disco rig with tons of overhead horn components and subs way past their prime. Opting for a line array meant we could replace the sonic brute force of the old rig with the precisely aimed, loud and clear sound of the XLC.“ Apex’s Manager of Production Services Brian Clark designed and programmed the system, specifying arrays of six XLCi 127 boxes a side, with four double-18“ EV X-Sub™ boxes per side for the club-quality big bottom end the clients wanted.

Clark reported: “For this application we decided to use different model amps for the horns, mids and low end. We simply didn’t need as much power up in the high end on a rig running this many drivers. We own an XLC rig for our rental department, so I know its characteristics very well. As we didn’t use EV P3000™ amps across every bandwidth, so we had to reassess the limiting parameters according for the amps we specified, though the factory dispersion figures were still fine. We ran SMAART™ on the room and set all the limiter values in voltage instead of dBU, metering the actual voltage output of each amplifier to figure out what the maximum voltage of each component was, taking into account that there are so many components in parallel. In this sense we did things backwards, but this allowed us to both design and program what we feel is the right system for the room, and keep things within limited parameters in terms of budget too.“

EV equipment at “Stages“: (2) EV Dx38™ digital sound system processors (2) P1200™ amplifiers (horns) (4) P2000™ amplifiers (mids) (4) P3000™ amplifiers (subs)

For separate EQ control between the DJ and live performance aspect of the club, Apex are scheduled to installed a Klark Teknik DN9340 Helix™ programmable digital equalizer.

Chris James continued: “The idea was to do a rock n’ roll install using equipment that had plenty of headroom and high output, but that allowed the detailing necessary to work with the architecture of the room. Using a long-throw box like the XLC makes all the difference: though the old speakers may have sounded loud enough twenty feet away on the dance floor, the remainder of the club got playback that was distorted and patchy. That’s not a problem anymore. The XLC is clean looking and clean sounding, and really adds to the Stages’ capabilities as a live music venue too.“

“Over the last few years the club has had more and more live performers, and the “i’ (installation) version of the XLC gives them that dual-purpose flexibility without compromising on quality. We installed the boxes with two DH2T-16 HF drivers (ND6 drivers are used on the XLC 127+). Having so many of these drivers at your disposal gives you tons of power and high-frequency headroom in a venue this size, even over the deep lows of dance music. It’s a touring-quality rig, but it comes with all the rigging hardware to make it quickly feel home in spaces like this. Plus it has all the full-bandwidth integrity, headroom, clean coverage and dynamic punch you want for live music. We bring in our Midas consoles for the live shows, and you’ve got a seriously rider-friendly PA. Ultimately though, what sets the XLC apart from the other compact line arrays out there is the fact that it has more muscle than any other offering with an equal sized footprint.“


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