Jazz on the Danube with EV Netmax, EV XLC/XLD & Dynacord Power
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Jazz on the Danube with EV Netmax, EV XLC/XLD & Dynacord Power

August 25th, 2006

The Jazz on the Danube festival, now in its twentieth year, is one of the ten biggest jazz festivals in the world. It’s an event characterized by music of exceptional quality, an intimate atmosphere, excellent organization and the finest equipment. This year’s jubilee event - in which Latino star Juanes, Randy Crawford & the Joe Sample Trio and Klaus Doldinger’s Passport all delivered highly acclaimed performances - thoroughly lived up to what has become a great annual tradition.

Ingo Haasch and his sound team, along with the state-of-the-art EV & Dynacord systems they deployed, made a considerable contribution to the success of the event.

The key elements in the sound system design were a combination of compact line array systems from Electro-Voice (XLD 281, XLC 215), Dynacord PowerH amps, and two EV NetMax N8000 digital audio controllers. This set up had never been used at a major event before, and the results greatly impressed the musicians, production personnel and audiences alike.

The two EV NetMax N8000 controllers used were of decisive importance in the system design. The left and right sides of the PA (with 8 input and 24 output channels each) were controlled separately. The new FIR filters were responsible for the equalization of the main PA and proved to be of enormous benefit. Franz Lermer, Manager of Digital Development with EVI Audio, and part of EVI Audio’s support team at the JAD 2006, commented: “The sound team had never worked with FIR filters before and were highly enthusiastic right from the start.“ The team found the system design, developed by Peter Hallstein and Günter Krauss of EVI Audio using IRIS-Net software, precisely addressed their needs with minimal hassle, minimal hardware, and requiring only minimal EQ tweaks in the field.

Above all, it was the wide range of application possibilities offered by the NetMax N8000 that most impressed the crew working FOH: the IRIS-Net nerve center is a modular digital audio signal processor with 32 inputs and 32 outputs - all accommodated in a space-saving 2U case. The N8000 is equipped with four module slots for local audio inputs and outputs, a CobraNet slot for digital audio network connection, and Ethernet, CAN-Bus and RS-232 interfaces for the purpose of control and supervision. Simply put, the system, which is equally suitable for fixed installations and mobile professional applications, offers FOH engineers all they could wish for.

Ingo Haasch commented: “The EV XLD system, like the XLE, is ultra-flexible. It’s tops for small to medium-sized jazz, theatrical and classical music events, but also provides a solid foundation for medium to large rock concerts. With the addition of X-sub boxes, for example, you can arrive (with very little expenditure) at a line array system that is really something.“ Haasch is equally enthusiastic about the Dynacord PowerH amplifiers: “ultra-virile, ultra-tight power amplifiers generating oodles of wattage. I was totally convinced by them.“

With acts like Juanes, Randy Crawford & the Joe Sample Trio, Roy Ayers, Klaus Doldinger’s Passport, Lyambiko, Nils Lundgren Funk Unit, Marcus Miller and The Big Chris Barber Band, the Jazz on the Danube festival 2006 offered a varied program of a very high standard. Organizer Ralph Huber was more than satisfied: “I think we managed once again this year to put together an attractive line-up, with the good weather and exceptional quality of the audio system being the icing on the cake.“ The next Jazz on the Danube festival will run from the 19th to the 23rd July 2007.


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