Ryan Seacrest and EV Mics: Radio Lollipop Debuts at Children’S Hospital
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Ryan Seacrest and EV Mics: Radio Lollipop Debuts at Children’S Hospital

October 13th, 2006

EV RE27N/D Microphones Featured Throughout

Los Angeles, California (October 13, 2006): With help from 102.7 KIIS FM and Ryan Seacrest, top-rated broadcast personality from KIIS FM, “American Top 40,“ “American Idol,“ “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve,“ and E! Networks, the West Coast’s first Radio Lollipop was unveiled before a crowd of patients, fans and special guests.

Radio Lollipop is a fully equipped radio studio housed in the hospital’s main lobby and run by a team of volunteers who involve patients in recreational activities linked to radio programs that are child-focused. Volunteer deejays play “Top 40“ hits and children’s favorites, take call-in requests, and put patients “on air“ from the bedside or in the studio.

Ryan Seacrest, along with KIIS FM, led the charge to assist with fund-raising efforts to help launch the program. Los Angeles dealership Gott Toyota was also instrumental in raising monies for the unique program. Seacrest has a history of involvement with the hospital and its child patients. When Seacrest first learned about the Radio Lollipop concept he made a bold public statement: “I’ve witnessed first hand the incredible work CHOC has done for children in our community and I’m committed to making sure Radio Lollipop becomes a reality.“ And he made good on that promise, as the station went live on Friday, September 22nd of this year.

“Here at CHOC, we witness everyday the power of imagination and play in the recovery of our patients. We are so grateful to have Ryan Seacrest and KIIS FM partnering with us to bring this unique program to our hospital, providing smiles and laughter to children at a time when they need it the most,“ says Elana TenHuisen, manager of CHOC’s Child Life Department. The Child Life Department will be responsible for administering the program.

TenHuisen continues: “It’s truly a privilege to have been selected as the first Radio Lollipop site on the West Coast and only the third in the nation. We are so excited to be able to provide our patients and their families with this innovative program, helping us enhance the healing power of play here at CHOC.“

To honor Ryan Seacrest’s philanthropic work, microphone manufacturer Electro-Voice recently presented him with a custom-engraved EV RE27N/D microphone, which Ryan is now using for all of his radio broadcasting work. EV representatives Michael Doucot and Jay Easley were on site to present the award.

About the Studio

While it Seacrest and KIIS FM assisted in raising awareness and funds for Radio Lollipop at CHOC, KIIS FM engineers and programming staff worked behind the scenes to ensure the studio would feature state-of-the-art broadcast equipment. Brian Clark, broadcast engineer for Ryan Seacrest, explains: “The U.K. office for Radio Lollipop has a specific set of equipment, because with so many different stations out there if something goes down they want to make sure they have a readily available back-up to replace it. Everything is standardized. We’ve brought our preference of the EV RE27N/D as a vocal mic to the table. We kicked off the CHOC radio broadcast with these. We really like them.“

Clark continues: “I’ve been a broadcast engineer for 25 years and used many different microphones over the years. We’ve settled on the Electro-Voice RE27N/D for most studio applications just because of the crispness of the mic and we like the proximity effect that it has. It gives the illusion if the jock goes off the mic that the jock is leaving the room, which is a great effect for certain stuff on the air. But I also like the broadcast standard, EV’s RE20. It’s got a little more bottom end and it’s not so directional. For some applications those are perfect. I’ve done a lot of talk shows where I’ve used the RE20 because of the fact that they have a consistently good level. A guest or DJ can speak off-axis on the mic and it still sounds like they’re right on it.“

Besides being the staple of CHOC’s Radio Lollipop, the EV RE27N/D is also used in the broadcasting of Ryan Seacrest’s normal morning show, “On the Air with Ryan Seacrest“, which is the number #1 show in Los Angeles, 5-10 a.m. every morning.

Radio Lollipop History

Radio Lollipop first began in 1979 at Queen Mary’s Hospital for Children in Surrey, England. Due to the tremendous success of the program, Radio Lollipop has since spread to more than 17 hospitals throughout the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and the United States. At each Radio Lollipop site, with its fully-equipped in-house radio station, a team of volunteers involve the patients in recreational activities linked to radio programs that are child-focused and filled with mentally stimulating fun and games. Volunteer deejays play Top 40 hits and children’s favorites, take call-in requests, and put kids “on air“ from the bedside or in the studio. Broadcast internally several times per week, each program may feature games, art projects, interviews with local celebrities and contests in which kids can win prizes.

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