Devo on Tour with EV/EV Blue Microphones
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Devo on Tour with EV/EV Blue Microphones

October 16th, 2006

Electro-Voice is proud to introduce the latest addition to their artist endorsement program-none other than the quirky, intelligent, and postmodern collective DEVO.

While DEVO is probably best known for the catchy, melodious snap of “Whip It“ and their ongoing costume shtick, the band’s commitment to “de-evolution“ has irrefutably stood the test of time; from the 1978 release “Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo“ to 2006’s “Oh No! It’s Devo,“ the band persists in its celebration of the strange and futuristic.

Always at the forefront of musical innovation (e.g. Devo was one of the first bands to embrace live electronica via PAIA sequencers), the band favors music equipment that sounds and looks unique. Enter EV/Blue and Blue microphones. The band is currently using the EV Blue Raven, EV Blue Cardinal, BLUE Ball, and the BLUE Kickball for instrumentation. The band also deploys a full complement of wireless onstage, including eight channels of EV RE-1 for vocals (N/D767a handheld and HM7 headworn) and guitar/bass. EV N/D468, N/D478, and N/D868 wired microphones are also utilized on the DEVO stage.

More photos forthcoming!