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Ev Endorsers, Megadeth, use EV Wired/Wireless Mics on Gigantour 2006

October 18th, 2006

Longtime EV microphone endorsers Megadeth have been on the “killing road“ since early September as the headlining act on Gigantour 2006. Having just completed the North American leg of the tour, Megadeth is now on their way to Australia and Japan, where they will perform with Soulfly, Arch Enemy, and Caliban. Needless to say, a tour this rigorous demands the utmost from performers and equipment.

Megadeth is known throughout the industry as maintaining high standards in the kind of musical and pro audio equipment they use and endorse. When it came time to find a sophisticated, great sounding, and problem-free wireless in late 2004, Megadeth chose the Electro-Voice RE-1 wireless guitar and bass systems. Additionally, because of the high SPLs on the Megadeth stage, EV recommended the N/D967 for Dave Mustaine’s lead vocal, due to the mic’s inherent high gain before feedback. An assortment of other EV microphones are also found on the stage, from bass and guitar cabinets to the drum kit.

More photos, information and interviews forthcoming!