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Complete EV/ Dynacord/ Midas/ Klark Teknik/ RTS System for Showpiece Chinese Cultural Center

October 27th, 2006

When bidding for this prestigious audio installation project began, many top engineers, consultants and representatives from the world’s most respected audio manufacturers flew to Dalian to compete. After several rounds of rigorous competition and review, the decision-makers (including third-party consultants) at the center decided to work with Telex EVI China on the project. The reason? No other company offered the “Total System Solution“ availed by the seamless integration of EV loudspeakers, amplification, wired and wireless microphones, Midas mixing consoles, Dynacord ProAnnounce paging and emergency systems, and RTS TW intercom-a one-stop shop offering the highest quality and attention to detail.

The Equipment:

At the input end of the signal chain, EV N/D, RE and PolarChoice series microphones provide application-specific performance for all manner of live events and large-scale meetings. Midas Heritage 3000 and Legend 3000 mixing consoles bring world-class sound quality to both live performance and television broadcast mixes.

The main sound reinforcement system employs various delayed EV Xi boxes to precisely address the space’s architectural nuances. All reports agree that the level of intelligibility, directivity control and balanced audio distribution throughout the space puts the Dalian Cultural Center on par with the world’s finest performance spaces. This superlative sonic profile is further ensured by Midas’s patented SIS™ (Spatial Image System), EV RL-Series remote controlled amps running IRIS-Net system supervision and performance-monitoring software, and Klark Teknik signal processing.

RTS intercom and Dynacord paging/public address system products are integrated with the sound reinforcement system to help each part of the center run smoothly, stay safe and sound great. Not only does the Dynacord ProAnnounce system support background music and guest/staff information/paging, it is also integrated with the house fire extinguishing system to automatically alert visitors with a emergency messages and evacuation instructions in the event of a fire situation.

Main equipment list:

10x EV Xi1122MHA/64F

4x EV Xi2122MHA/42F

3x EV Xcb

4x EV Xi2153/64F

2x EV Xi2181

22x EV P1200RL

25x EV P3000RL

Midas Legend 3000/52TP

Midas Heritage 3000/48TP

RTS TW Intercom

Dynacord ProAnnounce system



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