Electro-Voice Scores First UK Installation of XLD Line Array
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Electro-Voice Scores First UK Installation of XLD Line Array

December 1st, 2006

The 500-capacity club is housed in one of Glasgow’s first cinema buildings. Set over two floors, the Classic Grand’s live music policy encompasses anything and everything, and gigs are usually followed by club sessions by the likes of The Friday Factory and Porno. With the venue also aspiring to attract corporate event hire, a main criterion for the sound system was that it should be highly flexible.

Locally situated in Glasgow, Andrew O’Neill of Flashlite has been working with the club’s owners for 15 years, so he was a natural choice to re-furbish the technical facilities of the venue. Working closely with Jason Kelly of Shuttlesound, he has specified the UK’s first permanent installation of EV’s new XLD compact line array cabinets, together with the UK debut of EV’s new Phoenix 2152 stage monitors, all-EV amplifiers to power the system, and a full Midas and Klark Teknik control system.

“Actually it was the most expensive of the options we gave to the client,“ says O’Neill, “and it has turned out to be the benchmark installation for us at Flashlite; a system that is suitable for concerts, club use, after-show parties and corporate event hires.“

The Classic Grand’s main room features a five-way EV X-Line / XLVC System, running the full-range XLD281 boxes in tri-amp mode. Arrays of five XLD281s and two rear-mounted XS212s are flown at stage left and right. A single Xsub sits beneath each array, to “put a little bit extra on the bottom end.“

Entirely powered by EV’s CP Series power amplifiers, the system sounds silky, according to O’Neill: “You’ve got to hear it. It’s most deceptive. It doesn’t look huge, although it’s the only sound system that I’ve ever had to turn down! But at no point does it hurt the listener. Front-of-house engineers have to use an SPL meter because they don’t actually realise how loud it is.“

For performers onstage, Flashlite has provided EV QRx115s with a Phoenix 2152 for drum fill. As venue space constraints rule out the use of a separate monitor desk, the Midas Verona 400 at front-of-house has been set up to provide six monitor mixes (including drum fill). Also at front-of-house is a full complement of Klark-Teknik Square One EQ and dynamics units.

Andy O’Neill is full of praise for the support he has received from the Shuttlesound team, which has proved “to be far and beyond the call of duty, especially Jason Kelly who helped set up the system and was responsible for the final EQ. We worked to very tight deadlines. The equipment was ordered on Monday, and we had it operational that Saturday night, which included air-freighting in loudspeakers from Germany!“

Flashlite’s customer was so impressed with the results in the large hall that he asked for a second EV system for the other floor of the club, which is also capable of hosting live events. 4x EV Xi-1152s and 4x QRx118s go to make up a dance floor system that can handle bands as well, but which O’Neill promises “provides a punch in the stomach, but not in the head!“



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